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For whom the bell tolls


The Bell Tower in Pullman, Wa. is the only dedicated concert house on the Palouse.

P. Harris and the Sexual Harrisment open for Silent Theory Saturday at the Bell Tower in Pullman. They are just one of many area indie bands that the Bell Tower and Stereopathic are trying to attract to Pullman. Patrick Harris, the groups frontman, contributed a variety of musical stylings including vocals, strings and harmonica. joseph engle | rawr

It is a renovated chapel that was built in the 1920s, Andrew Forsman, general manager said.

“It’s got a lot of character,” Forsman said.

Forsman oversees the private events at the Bell Tower such as weddings, receptions, and fraternity and sorority formal events.

When it comes to music, many of the shows at the Bell Tower are booked by Larson Hicks, owner of Stereopathic.

“Probably 80 percent of the shows we do are through Stereopathic. We’ll do some hip-hop shows. We’ve got a metal show in August,” Forsman said. “There’s actually a large metal fan base in Moscow professionally. We try to do a couple of those shows a year. ”

However, Forsman said they are leaning more toward the indie rock and folk genres.

“Stuff you would see at your summer music festivals around the nation,” Forsman said.

During the school year, the Bell Tower has six to eight shows each month.

Stereopathic began booking concerts in 2008. Hicks’ company was initially one that would put on shows in the area from time to time.

“In 2010 we started working with Bell Tower and over time the dynamic has changed where Bell Tower is putting on most of the shows and I’m kind of doing more of the picking of the bands.”

Because Bell Tower and Stereopathic have a limited market and a limited number of dates to book shows, Hicks said he tries to stick with scheduling bands he really loves. And tends to focus exclusively on indie, folk and indie rock…what he finds to be top notch and what will help Bell Tower and Stereopathic head toward a growing, more successful direction.

Some notable bands that have played recently at Bell Tower are STRFKR, Blue Scholars, Blind Pilot and other bands that toured with the Tender Loving Empire Festival in April.

“Every concert is an awesome experience and something that we will never forget,” Hicks said.

Tiffany Harms plays the bassoon in the local band, Buffalo Death Beam. More than once, her band has performed at the Bell Tower.

“By far it’s my favorite venue I think that we’ve played. The Bell Tower has it all together,” Harms said. “They have this room where sound just fits beautifully with our style of music. Then Larson and Andrew both do such a good job of just making sure you’re taken care of. ”

Harms said the two always make sure there is food out for the bands, and make sure everyone is organized.

“That takes a lot of pressure off bands, I think, especially when they are on tour,” she said.

Harms said she feels Bell Tower has really helped kick up the music scene in Pullman.

Molly Spencer can be reached at arg-args@uidaho.edu.

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