UI campus closes 01.18.2017

The University of Idaho campus is closed today, Jan. 18, with all classes canceled due to poor weather conditions that threaten the safety of university students, faculty and staff. Jodi Walker, with UI Communications, said the freezing rain Moscow received last night developed ice on the roads and sidewalks, which put individuals on campus in […]

Dedication to duty — Brink Hall lounge renamed in honor of late professor 01.17.2017

The University of Idaho recognized late mathematics professor Paul Joyce Tuesday night with the unveiling of the Paul J. Joyce, Ph.D. Faculty and Staff Lounge in Brink Hall. About 60 people attended the event, which honored Joyce’s contributions to the university during his time as the dean of the College of Science. “Paul’s vision for […]

Redistricting repealed — ASUI Senate votes to repeal redistricting laws 11.21.2016

After nearly two weeks of deliberation from ASUI senators, the senate passed a bill to end redistricting by colleges, a rule that also went into effect for the first and only time the same night after seven new senators were elected. The bill repealed a section from the ASUI Rules and Regulations that outlines how […]

A needed discussion 11.14.2016

At this point in the semester, tensions are high. Whether it be course work, class registration, personal conflicts or politics, there are plenty of things that can stress students. While these may seem like small obstacles to some, to others they are larger contributors to an overall sense of emotional and mental tension. And with […]

Experience Africa — Students, community members pack Africa Night 11.14.2016

Upbeat, African dance music filled the International Ballroom of the Bruce Pitman Center Saturday for Africa Night. The night of food, drumming and dance is organized annually by the African Students Association (ASA). The theme for Saturday’s event was Litawhid, Africa. “Litawhid” is Arabic for unite.

Facilitating friendliness 11.14.2016

After 18 years of custodial work at the University of Idaho, Chuck Hatfield decided to look for a job that better fit his friendly personality. Now, he sits at the front desk in the Facilities Building and is a customer service representative for the department. “About 2008, this job came open. I was looking for […]

‘Be good to each other’ 11.03.2016

Shogo Ota didn’t know where Idaho was on a map when he was accepted to the University of Idaho in the early 2000s. What he did know was that is was his mother’s dream for him to have a college education. After five Japanese universities rejected his applications, Moscow, Idaho, became Ota’s next destination. That […]