Opening doors, Vandal or otherwise — UI employs several programs to increase university, overall state postsecondary enrollment 07.19.2017

Idaho high school students are currently one of the least likely demographics to pursue a college education, the United States Department of Education reports, creating a low postsecondary enrollment across the state. The University of Idaho is not only working to augment its own enrollment, but that of that entire state, in an effort to […]

News briefs — 7.5.17 07.05.2017

Moscow Food Co-op comes to campus In fall 2016, the Moscow Food Co-op announced a location for a University of Idaho based co-op. The downtown natural and local grocery store has set plans to begin a satellite store within the UI Campus Christian Center, of which the co-op calls The Center.

The continued promotion of peace — UI’s 70th annual Borah Symposium to focus on push for nationalization in a globalized world 04.03.2017

For 70 years, the University of Idaho Borah Symposium has worked to promote the continuation of Idaho Sen. William Borah’s vision for peace through a variety of on-campus events that seek to promote critical dialogue about the surrounding world. Each symposium is sponsored by the UI Martin Institute’s William Edgar Borah Outlawry of War Foundation […]

Seeking financial guidance — Gaining knowledge about finances and planning ahead can reduce stress 04.03.2017

As a college student, it can be pretty difficult to not constantly think about money. Let’s be honest, a large part of college revolves around money. It is stressful and taxing to continuously worry about finances — borrowing money, spending money, making money. For college students, finances involve paying for tuition, rent and groceries, but it also means […]