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Walk on the wild side

06.27.2012 – 2:58 pm |

The Idaho Trails Association’s summer trail maintenance projects bring volunteers into the outdoors and turn the tree-covered hillsides into a living and breathing classroom.

Summertime yard play

06.27.2012 – 2:56 pm |

The change of pace from full-time student to a person with one or two jobs during the summer can be rough. Yard games are a cheap and fun way to pass the time throughout the …

Book Review: Wild about ‘Wild’

06.27.2012 – 2:54 pm |

There are few times while reading a book that I’ve actually derived a bit of enjoyment from seeing the main character suffer. The book “Wild,” a memoir of the rarest kind, digs into a coal …


06.27.2012 – 2:49 pm |

Students at the University of Idaho have found sunny sky bliss at the Frisbee-golf course located on the west end of campus. The course is free to use and enjoyed by many throughout the year.

Amazing underdogs

06.27.2012 – 2:37 pm |

It isn’t easy standing in other people’s shadows. Superheroes from the X-Men to Superman, from Spider-Man to The Avengers have swept the cinemas. Batman and the Justice League deck all manner of undergarments at the …

Of meat and men

06.26.2012 – 7:17 pm |

Vlad’s Souvlakia, a new café-style meat skewer restaurant on the corner of Sixth and Jackson streets, brings together Vlad the Impaler, traditional food culture and a community sensibility to impale hunger and high prices on …

Mix Tape

06.26.2012 – 7:13 pm |

If you’ve yet to set foot outside of Moscow, you are long overdue for a roadtrip. Not all car trips are exciting. Sometimes you’re heading somewhere boring, say Boise, perhaps. Since eight hours of sagebrush …


06.26.2012 – 7:12 pm |

6/22 –  7/22
Walking to the beat of your own drum is great, but dancing to it is even better. Grab the drum and hit the streets. I’m sure everyone wants to see your interpretive dance …

News briefs

06.26.2012 – 7:10 pm |

Intermodal Transit Center
Construction on the Intermodal Transit Center located at the intersection of Sweet Avenue and Railroad Street has begun and is progressing as planned, according to Parking and Transportation Services director Carl Root.

New leadership in LGBTQA

06.26.2012 – 7:08 pm |

The University of Idaho Women’s Center has hired Julia Keleher as the LGBTQA coordinator for the center.

Idaho alumna is London-bound

06.26.2012 – 7:07 pm |

Thirteen years after she received her sports physiology degree from the University of Idaho, road cyclist and time trial specialist Kristin Armstrong found herself center podium, receiving a gold medal for her first place finish …

ASUI helps your summer shine

06.13.2012 – 2:52 pm |

ASUI will continue to provide weekly entertainment this summer with “Screen on the Green” movies on the Theophilus Tower lawn and noontime concerts in the Idaho Commons courtyard.

Forefather’s day: History of Dad’s day

06.13.2012 – 2:50 pm |

Father’s day is celebrated by people all across the world and one would find it hard to believe that this tradition began in a place not too far from Moscow – Spokane, Wash. This tradition …

Local businesses give a buck

06.13.2012 – 2:40 pm |

More than 60 businesses will attract customers with featured artwork, displays and performances for this year’s artwalk, but profit is just one part of the picture.

‘No comply’

06.13.2012 – 2:35 pm |

The skateboard scene in the Moscow-Pullman area is nearly non-existent compared to the subcultures of larger cities such as Portland and Seattle. But a love for the lifestyle and 12-year-old Daniel Eastman’s desire to “skate …

Walk this way

06.13.2012 – 2:18 pm |

Artwalk will begin Friday in downtown Moscow amid presentations of local and regional artists, musical acts, food vendors and various art demonstrations.

Moving up, moving out, moving home

06.12.2012 – 8:19 pm |

Mark Edwards, assistant to the president for diversity, equity and community and associate vice provost for Student Affairs, left his position last week for a job as the Vice President of Student Affairs at Northern …

The Woman in Black

06.12.2012 – 6:16 pm |

Scary movies aren’t always enjoyable because suspense and horror aren’t the same thing. The Woman in Black engagingly cultivates both, though the plot is predictable. It combines the looming Victorian-haunted-house atmosphere of Edgar Allen Poe’s …

The Fenix Rizes

06.12.2012 – 6:15 pm |

“Rize of the Fenix” is the first studio album from comedy-rock band Tenacious D in more than five years. Their last release, Pick of Destiny (2006) earned mixed reviews for its predictability and repetitiveness. 

Making candy-colored clothing

06.12.2012 – 6:10 pm |

Summer is tie dye time. While store bought tie-dye is easier to accumulate, D.I.Y. tie-dye can be a fun summer project.

Mix Tape

06.12.2012 – 5:52 pm |

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. Where it rains often and sunny days are too precious not to enjoy. 


06.12.2012 – 5:51 pm |

Gemini 5/21 – 6/21
You’re living in a whole new world. Keep your eyes open for diamonds in the rough.

Memorial Gym makeover

06.12.2012 – 5:43 pm |

The University of Idaho’s Memorial Gym opened in 1928. That spring, the yearbook was dedicated to the grand occasion.

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