Letter to the editor 10.13.2017

Last week, the ASUI Senate passed a resolution supporting the allowance of transgender and non-binary students to use their identified names on student accounts, transcripts and diplomas. Though not explicitly written in the resolution, the ASUI Senate supports this opportunity to use identified names will be open to all students. It was not phrased that […]

Staben considered for UNM president position 10.06.2017

According to a University of Idaho University Communications and Marketing memo, an announcement was released by the University of New Mexico that President Chuck Staben is a finalist for the president’s position there. Idaho Public Radio tweeted Staben is one of the five finalists for the position and will visit UNM Oct. 17. According to […]

The happiness dilemma — Happiness and suffering can coexist 08.28.2017

In 1998, Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the former president of the American Psychological Association, said, “Social science now finds itself in almost total darkness about the qualities that make life most worth living.” Since then, numerous studies have been conducted to on the topic of happiness, looking at positivity, […]

Innovation through interaction — Innovation through interaction 08.21.2017

Across from Friendship Square, where the Bare Wires played the blues for the Farmer’s market crowd, a young boy and his friends gathered around the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) booth. They watched intently as a volunteer studying veterinary science at Washington State University wrapped gauze around the ankle of […]

News Brief — 8.22.17 08.21.2017

Students and community members join together to enjoy the eclipse  Hundreds of students lined up for a chance to get their hands on viewing glasses at the Vandal Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Monday morning in anticipation of the solar eclipse. The event, hosted by the Department of Student Involvement (DSI), in partnership with the Idaho […]

Tackling syllabus week — How to make syllabus week successful and stress free 08.21.2017

Syllabus week is arguably one of the most stressful, yet painless weeks of a college student’s semester. Much like dead week, “silly week” as it has been coined, is quite the conundrum. Some students shuffle from class to class, find a comfortable seat for the semester and then move onto the next syllabus. Other students meticulously plan out the week, nd classrooms beforehand and […]