Time to improve — School systems have been inadequately preparing young adults for anything beyond high school, and it’s time to change this narrative 11.18.2017

  The American school system, specifically concerning grades from kindergarten to 12th grade, seems to provide an inadequate education for the population. Sam Chaltain, a national educator, said, ““At an ideal school, adults understand that their mission is to help children grow not just cognitively, but also socially, emotionally, linguistically, ethically, and physically. We can’t […]

UI’s story — Staben shares updated strategic plan and focuses on enrollment and research growth in 2017 State of the University Address 11.10.2017

The University of Idaho is comprised of many students, faculty and staff with stories to tell, and President Chuck Staben said those stories are important to the success of the university. “Let’s tell our story to Idaho and the world,” Staben said. “Our progress has been, and will continue to be, a university-wide effort.”

Moscow Elections 11.07.2017

With absentee ballots counted, Bill Lambert has received 55 percent of Moscow’s mayoral vote.   The rest of Moscow’s precincts are still being filled.  Lambert ran against mayoral candidate Linda Pall.   In addition to the mayor position, four city council seats will also be filled.    The Argonaut will continue update election results as […]

Letter to the editor — Linda Pall 10.31.2017

The future of Moscow is up to you on Nov. 7. City elections in Moscow will choose a Mayor, three City Council members who will have four-year terms and one Council member who will have a two-year term.

Letter to the editor 10.13.2017

Last week, the ASUI Senate passed a resolution supporting the allowance of transgender and non-binary students to use their identified names on student accounts, transcripts and diplomas. Though not explicitly written in the resolution, the ASUI Senate supports this opportunity to use identified names will be open to all students. It was not phrased that […]

Staben considered for UNM president position 10.06.2017

According to a University of Idaho University Communications and Marketing memo, an announcement was released by the University of New Mexico that President Chuck Staben is a finalist for the president’s position there. Idaho Public Radio tweeted Staben is one of the five finalists for the position and will visit UNM Oct. 17. According to […]