Intangible investments — Nobel Prize winner Edward Prescott analyzes the current U.S. market 03.25.2017

In the midst of Congress’ discussions on healthcare reform, Nobel Prize economist Edward Prescott spoke about America’s economic future at Washington State University’s Smith Center Undergraduate Education building Thursday. “Over time, things have been getting better for the modern humans who are dominating the world, making the world a better place for our species,” Prescott […]

Copy coyote – Four dead coyotes were found on Greek properties 02.14.2017

Four coyotes were reported dead, lying in front of three sorority houses and one fraternity on University of Idaho’s Greek Row Feb. 10. Corporal Casey Green, liaison officer of UI through the Moscow Police Department (MPD) said an investigation over last week’s incident is still underway. “In some cases talking to some of the (Greek) […]

Knock on wood — ASUI election brought seven senators to the team 11.17.2016

University of Idaho’s student body voted seven senators into next semester’s ASUI Senate. Around 1,300 Vandals voted — nearly 13 percent of the total UI student body. The end result for some senators was a difference of just 12 votes. “That’s a separation that we’re talking about,” said Shawn O’Neal, director of student involvement. “Close […]

Support from Vandals 11.10.2016

  As turmoil and celebration followed the results of the 2016 presidential election, members of the University of Idaho community are offering events and resources to those in need of them. “Making Sense of the Election” is an event that cycles every two years following election results. This year, the event will be held from […]