The world of motherhood — A look at the greatest Disney moms 04.17.2017

When someone thinks about Disney moms, they might think about the devastating death of Bambi’s mom, or how Disney characters rarely have any moms at all. From Cinderella to Ariel, it’s common for these characters to lack a mother figure. But, there are a select few Disney stars who deserve credit for their important mother […]

Vote to change — Faculty Senate vote on proposed revisions to the leave policy 03.10.2017

Last week, Faculty Senate postponed consideration of the University of Idaho leave policy for all employees due to proposed revisions. During Tuesday’s meeting, Faculty Senate continued the discussion about changes to the policy and voted on the proposed revisions. The floor was open for senators to express their opinions and ask questions regarding the changes.

A broader perspective — Faculty Senate discuss revisions made to immigration policy proposal 03.02.2017

During Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting, associate professor Kate Evans discussed new changes made to the University of Idaho’s immigration policy proposal and explained its purpose. Through volunteer work groups and meetings, Faculty Senate, in collaboration with Evans, came up with a policy proposal regarding the university’s stance following President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, Faculty Senate […]

Start the conversation — Eating Disorder Awareness Week works to recognize issues around campus and supply resources 02.27.2017

  Providing a space where a conversation is comfortable around topics such as eating disorders and body image is the purpose of this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW). During a time of many transitions and stress, college students are highly vulnerable to eating disorders, said Campus Dietitian Marissa Rudley. The University of Idaho works […]