A safe place for health — Vandal Health hosts the Health Hut event around campus to promote healthy habits 01.17.2017

During January, health is a goal for many students coinciding with various new year resolutions. University of Idaho Vandal Health Education offers health recourses to students to help them achieve their 2017 goals. Vandal Health Education’s Health Hut is a bi-monthly resource booth, said Marissa Rudley the campus dietitian. Each Health Hut booth has a […]

Prioritizing the mind 12.05.2016

With Counseling and Testing Center understaffed, students must fend for themselves

Big stress, big solutions — University resources available during stressful finals season 11.28.2016

Sharon Fritz, a licensed psychologist at the University of Idaho Counseling and Testing Center, knows a thing or two about reducing stress. She said for students, stress comes from a variety of places. Although stress levels are higher around finals week, Fritz said they’re present year-round.

Switching positions – UI climbs national sexual health ranking thanks to campus programs 10.14.2016

The University of Idaho is getting on top when it comes to sexual health. The 2016 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card ranked Idaho No. 22 out of 140 major universities across the United States. Idaho rose significantly from its No. 54 ranking in 2015 and even greater than the university’s No. 73 position in 2013. […]

Letter to the editor 10.10.2016

Tiffany Mayes and her daughter Chloe (18 months old now) were featured last spring in The Argonaut. Tiffany is married and her husband (Chloe’s dad) Anthony is an electrical engineering student at UI. Tiffany is a fourth generation Vandal and a senior studying elementary education.

Getting rest is best – Proper sleep is vital for students to get the most out of college 09.16.2016

Sleep is not exactly synonymous with college students. Whether a student is staying up late to cram for an exam, to party or just to hang out, poor sleep hygiene can affect anyone’s health, grades and moods.

Avoid fall health pitfalls – As the weather worsens, students’ health doesn’t have to 09.09.2016

Fall is right around the corner, and our habits tend to change along with the leaves changing color. As it gets colder many of us gravitate toward more comfort foods such as casseroles, pastas and warm sugary drinks (pumpkin spice lattes anyone?) This is also a prime time for flu and other viruses to make […]

A forgotten necessity – With finals week approaching, it’s important to remember sleep 04.25.2016

As the semester comes to an end, it seems like all of my professors are plotting against me and coordinating their essays, quizzes and exams in the same week. With finals week looming over my head, it becomes easy to forgo the time that helps me function in a healthy way. I find myself sacrificing […]

Life hacks: surviving stress 04.21.2016

For most college students, finals are the most stressful time of the semester. A range of emotions can be experienced, and it can be difficult to calm down. Here are some hacks that range from stress to studying that can help any student through finals week. For studying: Chew gum while in class, studying and […]

Balancing a budget – Nutrition tips for students” grocery store trips 03.24.2016

As college students, we sometimes neglect nutrition and put it on the back burner. School, jobs, social engagements and other responsibilities often take precedence over proper nourishment. Other barriers might include finances, dietary restrictions or a general lack of nutritional knowledge. However, if we compromise what is good for what is cheap, we deny our […]

A head start on health – Students should start thinking about their health 02.04.2016

Today is National Wear Red Day, which recognizes that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Until recently, many people didn”t know that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women, but according to the American Heart Association it kills one out of three women each year. Heart […]

Fit for the holidays – UI faculty and staff compete in annual Healthy Holiday Challenge 12.10.2015

The Holiday Fitness Challenge gives University of Idaho faculty and staff the opportunity to keep the stress and holiday weight gain under control. The goal of the event is to help participants stay consistent with workouts during this holiday season, a busy and often calorie-filled time of year. Peggy Hamlett, Wellness and Fitness director, has […]

Destress for dead week – University offers massages, yoga class during dead week 12.07.2015

As the stress of dead week piles on, University of Idaho students can take part in events and programs going on during dead week intended to allow students to take a break from their studying to clear their minds and relax. Emily Tuschhoff, a health education coordinator with Vandal Health, said the programs are being […]

Promoting with pink – Gritman celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 10.29.2015

From NFL football fields to popular food packaging, pink was the color of choice in October as organizations supported National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Debi Dockins, director of Volunteer Services at Gritman Medical Center, said this month holds a lot of importance for the staff at the Gritman Medical Center. “We all have a cancer […]

Flu season returns – Students can stay healthy with on-campus resources 10.12.2015

Fall is the season for cooler temperatures, pumpkin-spiced everything and, of course, the flu. Flu season is officially here, but there are many on-campus resources for University of Idaho students. Emily Tuschhoff, health education coordinator at Vandal Health, said she has been working since the start of the month to raise awareness for flu vaccinations. […]

Reflection on alcohol programs – Improving alcohol programs with CollegeAIM 10.01.2015

Idaho is exploring new ideas to help students make better decisions about alcohol. One of these ideas is the Alcohol Intervention Matrix, or CollegeAIM. Sharon Fritz, a psychologist at the Counseling and Testing Center, said CollegeAIM is a system that provides different strategies to schools looking to help their students. “It is an opportunity to […]

Practice mindfulness– UI program aims to help people focus, be present in moment 09.24.2015

The Mindfulness Meditation program is the gym for the mind. “The idea behind mindfulness isn”t to force positive thinking,” said Jamie Derrick, a psychologist for the Department of Psychology and Communication Studies and the teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. “The idea behind mindfulness is to be present with whatever you actually are experiencing.” Since January, Mindfulness […]

Ode to … workout classes: Workout courses keep students accountable and healthy 09.15.2015

Sure, students are primarily at the University of Idaho to get an education, but that doesn”t mean we can”t stay healthy, too. Unfortunately the opportunities that students have to be healthy are scarce. With many of our schedules so jam-packed, most of the time we pick the easy option, which is very rarely also the […]

Get talking, get tested 05.04.2015

Gain knowledge and power by getting tested for STIs Knowing you and your partner’s sexual history is commonly overlooked before committing to having sex. Imagine being in the midst of a new relationship and deciding to take the next big step. Can you guarantee you will not contract an STI? No one can. Yet there’s […]

Changing healthcare 04.20.2015

UI evaluates necessity for SHIP The University of Idaho is reviewing the value of its Student Health Insurance Program after the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) recently decided to no longer require universities to provide students with an option for health insurance, determining students could find less expensive coverage on the Idaho Health Exchange.

Highlight your health 04.02.2015

Campus resources focus on student health At the beginning of the spring semester, it can be easy to make health a priority. New Year’s resolutions, a new semester and starting with a clean slate after the holidays all give people motivation to focus on their health and wellness goals.

Horoscopes 3.27.15 03.26.2015

Aries 3/21-4/19 Are you a good cook? A bad cook? Use this week to learn a new dish, even if it’s just scrambled eggs. It saves a lot of money on take-out.

Sleep when you’re busy 03.02.2015

Getting adequate sleep is important for productive life Sleep when you’re busy. Sounds counterintuitive, right? You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to sleep when I have to finish a project, study for a midterm and work the late shift?”

Blurred lines and eating disorders 02.26.2015

Finding a flexible, healthy relationship with food and weight Editor’s note: This column originally ran on Tuesday and included errors added during the editing process. Each day, I work with students to promote healthy eating and optimal nutrition. Through nutrition counseling appointments, I see a wide variety of nutrition concerns.

‘Food is fuel’ 02.23.2015

UI takes part in Eating Disorder Awareness Week Mimi Price started eating less to follow in her older brother’s footsteps. Her brother struggled with anorexia nervosa when they were both in high school and Price, now a junior at the University of Idaho, was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa her senior year of high school. Price […]