Letter to the editor 10.10.2016

Tiffany Mayes and her daughter Chloe (18 months old now) were featured last spring in The Argonaut. Tiffany is married and her husband (Chloe’s dad) Anthony is an electrical engineering student at UI. Tiffany is a fourth generation Vandal and a senior studying elementary education.

Life hacks: surviving stress 04.21.2016

For most college students, finals are the most stressful time of the semester. A range of emotions can be experienced, and it can be difficult to calm down. Here are some hacks that range from stress to studying that can help any student through finals week. For studying: Chew gum while in class, studying and […]

Balancing a budget – Nutrition tips for students” grocery store trips 03.24.2016

As college students, we sometimes neglect nutrition and put it on the back burner. School, jobs, social engagements and other responsibilities often take precedence over proper nourishment. Other barriers might include finances, dietary restrictions or a general lack of nutritional knowledge. However, if we compromise what is good for what is cheap, we deny our […]