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Rawr Reviews – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1″

12.03.2014 – 9:43 pm |

This week for Rawr Reviews, Andrew Jenson, Kaitlyn Krasselt and Claire Whitley review “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.” Let’s just say, it’s not quite as exciting as the advertising.

Rawr Reviews — “Interstellar”

11.18.2014 – 9:58 pm |

Christopher Nolan has directed some incredible movies. “Interstellar” isn’t one of them.
Andrew Jenson, Claire Whitley, Aleya Ericson and Bradley Burgess review “Interstellar” this week on Rawr Reviews.

Album review: ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift

11.13.2014 – 10:49 pm |

Taylor Swift’s latest offering includes a foreword inside written by Swift herself.
“For the last few years, I’ve woken up every day not wanting, but needing to write a new style of music. I needed to …

Rawr Reviews — “Big Hero 6″

11.11.2014 – 5:52 pm |

It’s hard not to like a movie that features a sweet and huggable robot. This week on Rawr Reviews Aleya Ericson, Andrew Jenson and Bradley Burgess review Disney’s “Big Hero 6.”

Sushi wars

11.06.2014 – 10:43 pm |

The battle for the best sushi restaurant in Moscow begins
Idaho is known for many things, like potatoes, wheat and huckleberries. However, the state is not known for its great seafood. Seeing as the closest ocean …

Rawr Reviews — The Best Halloween Movies

11.05.2014 – 4:26 pm |

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, but mainly they’re just awesome. Josh Gamez and Andrew Jenson count down the best movies the Halloween season has to offer.

Rawr Reviews — “The Judge”

11.04.2014 – 12:14 am |

Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr. are perfectly matched in “The Judge,” the new drama about an estranged father and son directed by David Dobkin.

Rawr Reviews — “Fury”

10.27.2014 – 12:50 am |

It’s brutal, it’s gruesome, it’s heartbreaking and long, but it’s well worth the watch.

A tale of two bars — Bar reviews from a non-bar hopper: Moscow Brewing Company and The Plantation

10.16.2014 – 7:27 pm |

This is a tale of two bars. 

Same as it ever was

10.16.2014 – 7:12 pm |

Hidden behind a row of tall shrubs, just before Washington Street joins Main Street in Moscow, there is a small gray building with no windows. The bar’s name, “The Corner Club,” extends from the gray …

Yakking about Yik Yak — Come for the anonymity, flee from the users

10.16.2014 – 5:20 pm |

According to posts to Yik Yak, an anonymous social media app, those of us who didn’t go Greek are missing out. 

Goat Simulator

10.09.2014 – 8:06 pm |

Bleating Fun
Every so often, something comes out that changes the face of technology.

Sandals with swag

10.02.2014 – 8:27 pm |

A story of one man’s Birkenstocks
It’s easy to take shoes for granted. Often, we assume they will just keep doing their job. We literally walk all over them and never think twice about it. This …

Choose your ‘Destiny’

09.19.2014 – 11:28 pm |

$500 million video game is worth the wait
In the world of gaming, “Destiny” is the like the second coming of Christ. A fitting metaphor, seeing as developer Bungie Inc.’s previous first person shooter franchise starter …

Sleepwave – ‘Broken Compass’

09.19.2014 – 10:22 pm |

Former Underoath frontman takes a step in a new direction
Oct. 2, 2013 marked the day the metalcore giants, Underoath, announced they would be splitting up.
Famous for tracks like “Writing On the Walls,” “A Boy Brushed …

A Pants Holder-upper — Fashion for your waistband

09.11.2014 – 10:01 pm |

It’s time for another non-conventional review, last time I covered my personified car, this time I am going to the other extreme and write about my belt.

Food of the Gods — Local wine bar brings the tasty

09.11.2014 – 10:00 pm |

Local restaurant and wine bar Nectar is aptly named because the overall experience the diner is left with is comparable to an out-of-body revelation.

Roxanne’s Review

08.22.2014 – 11:18 am |

This is a review of my car. I know you are probably used to reading reviews of books, movies, even music. I am here to give you something totally different. I think my car deserves …

RAWR Reviews—A very ‘Frozen’ movie

01.23.2014 – 6:23 pm |

There is no resisting a movie that has a talking snowman singing happily and ignorantly about his dreams of summertime. 

“It’s ‘Epic’”

11.07.2013 – 9:44 pm |

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from the busy, stressed life of a college student and watch a light-hearted film that allows all those worries from the week to melt away in the …

Beware ‘The Shining’

10.24.2013 – 11:23 pm |

You’ll never look at a hotel the same way again. Or a five-year-old. Or even a bathtub. 

BbLearn, UI app

10.03.2013 – 9:14 pm |

Walking around the University of Idaho campus, there are a majority of students with smartphones, tablets or other devices such as iPods. These devices have become  an integrated part of the advancing technological culture in …

‘Pocket God’ — See how your choices as God turn out

09.26.2013 – 9:20 pm |

An app built for stress relief and procrastination, Pocket God allows you to play God. Whether you are merciful to your caveman subjects or just plain angry and want to kill them over and over …

The Lone Ranger

07.09.2013 – 7:50 pm |

Gore Verbinski, director of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “The Ring,” brings to cinemas the classic American icon of good, justice and morality with “The Lone Ranger.” I’m not …

Arg Reviews — Into Darkness

06.11.2013 – 9:07 pm |

I’m just going to say it, I love Star Trek. I especially love “Star Trek: The Original Series,” which ran as a TV show from 1966-69 and the series of movies  from 1979-1991. It’s difficult …

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