Daring to be Different — “Daredevil” is a show that thinks outside the box 09.18.2015

In the Marvel Comics Universe, Daredevil is hardly a household name. Sure, he’s unique in probably being the world’s only blind superhero, but after a famously terrible Ben Affleck movie in 2003, no one thought much of the character. Now, Netflix sees to remedy that with “Daredevil,” a dark and gritty rendition of the character set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But does it successfully relight

Saving the superhuman — A “Heroes” reboot is right around the corner and for good reason too 09.15.2015

There is some sort of inherent cultural fascination with extraordinary humans. From stories of the Greek gods and goddesses to contemporary comic books, there’s something about a good superhero story that lasts the test of time. Superhero stories come in all shapes and sizes and the same ones are often told over and over again

First film was a success — Foreign films headline first International Film Series at Kenworthy 09.04.2015

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre premiered “Ida,” the first of five foreign films, Aug. 18 to kick off the first International Film Series in Moscow. “Ida,” a Polish film, won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in February, the first Polish film to earn such acclaim. Jamie Hill, the operations director at

An unconventional composition — Twenty One Pilots’ “Blurryface” is band’s best yet 09.04.2015

Twenty One Pilots’ “Blurryface” is band’s best yet A band not yet on mainstream radio, Twenty One Pilots has recently become better known through the popularity of its third and newest album, “Blurryface,” released last May. The band can hardly be categorized in a genre (indie pop, alternative, rap, ukulele jams?) and “Blurryface” is a

Sushi wars 11.06.2014

The battle for the best sushi restaurant in Moscow begins Idaho is known for many things, like potatoes, wheat and huckleberries. However, the state is not known for its great seafood. Seeing as the closest ocean is an entire state away, most of our fish comes from local rivers and hatcheries.

Same as it ever was 10.16.2014

Hidden behind a row of tall shrubs, just before Washington Street joins Main Street in Moscow, there is a small gray building with no windows. The bar’s name, “The Corner Club,” extends from the gray building in a neon sign and stretches toward Washington Street to be seen just before it is passed.

Sandals with swag 10.02.2014

A story of one man’s Birkenstocks It’s easy to take shoes for granted. Often, we assume they will just keep doing their job. We literally walk all over them and never think twice about it. This complacency we have with our footwear means that when we come across something truly remarkable in the shoe department

A Pants Holder-upper — Fashion for your waistband 09.11.2014

It’s time for another non-conventional review, last time I covered my personified car, this time I am going to the other extreme and write about my belt.

Food of the Gods — Local wine bar brings the tasty 09.11.2014

Local restaurant and wine bar Nectar is aptly named because the overall experience the diner is left with is comparable to an out-of-body revelation.

Roxanne’s Review 08.22.2014

This is a review of my car. I know you are probably used to reading reviews of books, movies, even music. I am here to give you something totally different. I think my car deserves to be reviewed. She has just as much character and story as any movie.

Retro reviews 03.29.2012

Music – A wise man from a few decades ago said, “we can dance if we want to.” I embrace that maxim and admit my affection for *NSYNC’s album “No Strings Attached” without fear of undue ridicule.