Before they were famous 04.28.2016

Every famous actor had to start somewhere. No one becomes a megastar overnight. Sometimes, major Hollywood stars have very humble beginnings. Here’s a few. “Hard Candy” Future “Juno” Ellen Page broke out in this controversial thriller about a teenager who tries to expose a man as a pedophile. Taut, nail biting and featuring a killer

Movie reel: Philosophical kid’s movies 04.14.2016

Many movies are made for children, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed by older audiences. There are films out there that are “kid’s movies,” but have deep messages meant for those ages seven through 70. Here are a list of films that contain deeper elements beyond the typical fart jokes. “Kung Fu Panda”

Movie reel: The greatest films ever snubbed 03.03.2016

It’s Oscar season folks. That means constant social media posts ranking the greatest Oscar films ever made. Yet, sometimes, whether it’s due to internal Academy politics or people simply not understanding great art, a movie gets flat-out snubbed and ignored. Instead of praising those films already awarded, let’s take a look at some films that

Why is this movie good? 02.25.2016

Suspension of disbelief is everything in today’s world. With so many crazy blockbusters coming out, there are some ideas that in any other world would be stupid. But some films can pull off bizarre plots. Here are a few. “The Lord of the Rings” This epic saga has won almost every Oscar you can think

Movie Reel: A guide to rom-coms 02.11.2016

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where it is OK to be shamelessly sappy and romantic with film choices. It is time to break out the romantic comedies. Whether you are spending a night with yourself or a significant other, these movies are the perfect place to start. “When Harry Met Sally”

Movie reel: A look back at 2015 01.14.2016

2015 was a year filled with films that kept us glued to our theater seats. Before the movies of 2016 rush in, it is time to take a look back at what last year had to offer. Whether you haven’t seen them yet or want to watch them for the hundredth time, here is a

Movie reel: Furry friend films 12.03.2015

One of the hardest parts of college life is leaving behind those you love, especially when those you love have paws or whiskers. In honor of all those who miss their pets, here is a list of pet films that everyone should see at some point. “Air Bud” (1997) This film is the pinnacle of

Bring on the blood — The best death scenes to ever grace the golden screen 10.29.2015

“Alien” One of the most famous and disturbing death scenes in film history didn’t skimp on the blood when an alien burst from John Hurt’s chest in the middle of dinner, shocking the characters, as well as millions of moviegoers. It’s so memorably graphic that people are still talking about it to this day. “Planet

The best of the ‘90s 10.08.2015

Some of the best movies of our time were produced in the decade I was born. Whether you have seen them 100 times already or not even once, sit back, relax and enjoy the greatest films of the ’90s. “American Pie” (’99)  You can’t go wrong with a classic. Along with his unconventional circle of friends, Jim (Jason

Movie reel: On the Hogwarts Express 09.24.2015

Sorcerer’s Stone You’ll never forget your first time … watching a Harry Potter movie. The first installment is when fans fall in love with their favorite characters, and J.K. Rowling created some of the best. Chamber of Secrets I avoided watching this movie as long as I could, because it is by far the scariest one. Big spiders and even larger snakes … not really my thing.

Movie reel: Back to school movies 07.21.2015

With a new school year right around the corner, there isn’t much more time to be spent in front of a television binge watching shows on Netflix or movie marathon-ing. Soon enough, those nights will be spent writing essays and cramming for exams. But with this list of “back to school” movies you can enjoy

Movie-reel: Super summer flicks 07.07.2015

Summer means different things to different people. For me, one of my favorite summer pastimes is the annual influx of new superhero movies. With more than a dozen slated to be released in the next few years, it could be hard to keep who is doing what straight or to simply understand why people dig

Movie reel: Summer binge-watch material 06.09.2015

One of the easiest things to do in the summer is pull up Netflix and binge-watch several series within one week. While I don’t encourage such behavior, if this is something that sounds appealing to avoid the summer heat, here are a few TV series that are fun to just keep on watching.

No background necessary 05.28.2015

Even with a ridiculous premise, Pitch Perfect 2′ is a fun watch On the surface, “Pitch Perfect 2” seems like a film with a niche audience of individuals with an interest and/or background in the world of choir or a capella. This may be true to an extent, but after watching the film I can

The best crazy car chases 04.30.2015

“The Matrix Reloaded” Whether or not you agree with the Wachowski’supgrade of their sci-fi classic, everyone was bowledover by their intense freeway chase scenethat ate up 15 minutes of screen time. Realitywas bent, the laws of physics were brokenand jaws dropped.

Movie night with mom 04.16.2015

Freaky Friday (2003) This early-2000s remake has a classic mother-daughter storyline and a number of hilarious moments. Who can forget Chad Michael Murray singing “Baby One More Time” and then being tackled by Lindsay Lohan? Plus, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love the soundtrack.

What a twist 04.09.2015

A great plot twist leaves viewers going, “I did not see that coming!” But some movies haven’t perfected the art of the twist. Here are some films with great twists to keep you guessing until the credits roll.

Best Rom-coms for Valentine’s Day 02.12.2015

Romantic comedies are good to watch anytime of the year, but they somehow always seem better on Valentine’s Day. The largest predicament is getting away from classics like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle” or “You’ve Got Mail.” Can we not escape the clutches of Meg Ryan’s washed-up attempts to find love? Thankfully, with

Money talks — Best Super Bowl commercials in the past four years 01.29.2015

Wonderful Pistachios – 2013 This nut company has had big stars showcase their product, including the Harlem Globetrotters and the Winklevoss twins. But for Super Bowl 2013, they got pop artist PSY to crack his pistachios, Gangnam Style. Now that’s an endorsement.

Movie Reel — Obscure films edition 11.06.2014

Tomorrow, When the War Began Coming to us from the Land Down Under, this Aussie action movie puts eight good-looking teenagers against an evil army of unknown origin in a fun, exciting roller coaster.

The ugly, the ugly and the even uglier 10.30.2014

A Monster movie mash For many, the best frights on Halloween are the monsters. We all know them. There are vampires, werewolves and anything else rom an average child’s nightmares. When it comes to monster movies, there are a wide variety to choose from. Here are some cool freaky flicks to get the heart pounding.

Unsung heroes 10.23.2014

There are some movies that everyone knows about such as Hunger Games, Twilight, any Harry Potter film. Then there are the movies that very few people see. Some are old, some are new, either way they don’t make much noise.

Movie Reel — So bad they’re good 10.09.2014

We all love watching good movies, but what about the bad ones? What about the movies that are so bad we can’t help but keep our eyes open and laugh at them? Here are some ones to satisfy your appetite for stinkers.

Movie Reel 09.25.2014

With classes at full steam and tests coming right around the corner, it’s never a bad idea to take a break from studying and watch a funny movie. With so many funny movies out there it can be hard to choose which ones to watch, so here is a list of funny comedy’s found on

Movie Reel –Reboots and remakes 08.22.2014

With the release of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” it’s time to look back at other bad reboots and remakes of nostalgic films and TV shows. There are so many films that fail to capture the essence of their source material and here is a countdown of some of the most mediocre and notorious offenders.