Mix-tape: Wanderlust tunes 04.07.2016

The sun is finally out and the days are lasting longer. It is time to take those good weather vibes and go out and wander. These songs are for the roadtrippers, explorers and travelers looking for a playlist that matches the feeling of springtime wanderlust. “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron The intro to

Mix tape: Remixed to goodness 03.24.2016

No matter how great a song is, sometimes it can be improved with a good remix or mash-up. Here are just a few gems. “Ignition (1901 Remix)” — R. Kelly vs. Phoenix For some reason, these songs complement one another incredibly well in this mash-up. Phoenix’s easygoing indie vibes are the perfect backdrop for R.

Mix tape: What’s in a name? 02.18.2016

For any music lover, the title of a song is everything. It gets you hooked, reels you in and tells you about the song. Some artists use their song titles to tell you something about themselves and the song. Here are some examples. “I’d Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song’s

Mix tape: Pop covers that go hard 02.04.2016

For pop lovers looking for an angrier approach to their favorite club jams, and hard rockers looking to straddle the line between mainstream and hardcore, this mix is a good place to start. “Hello” — Leo This song kicks off the mix tape because it exemplifies everything a rock cover should be: The same song,

Mix tape: Them Old Cosmic Blues 01.28.2016

The first month of the year seems to be nothing but gray and gloomy. Excluding the occassional glimpse of the sun, January’s mostly cloudy, rainy days make for a somber atmosphere. Sometimes, during times like this, you just have to bust out the blues. The clouds are covering your sky and you can’t help but

I won’t write you a love song 01.21.2016

There’s something uniquely cathartic about sad music. When times get hard, melancholic melodies are there for you. When life is going great, sad songs provide an opportunity to appreciate that good fortune. This applies to relationships too. Whether you’re long-term and committed, in an open relationship or single, sometimes a good anti-love song is just

Mix tape: Cold weather acoustics 12.10.2015

“Holocene” by Bon Iver An acoustic playlist without a Bon Iver track would just be appalling. This song, light in its sound, yet deep in its lyrics gives off the feeling of perfectly cold weather. Iver’s high-pitched voice pairs beautifully with the songs warm and mellow guitar notes. “Promise” by Ben Howard   An entire

Mix tape: Songs for a new season 11.23.2015

With websites like Spotify, Pandora and 8tracks, it’s not difficult to discover new music. However, even with apps that provide such an extensive variety, it’s easy to fall in love with one or two of the music sharing websites’ pre-made playlists and not listen to anything else. For those who find themselves in a music

Mix tape: Driving by the headlights 11.12.2015

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. These songs are for the much-anticipated Friday night drive home for the weekend while the sun sets on the Palouse. Night drives have a certain nostalgic vibe about them — the accompanying playlist should, too. “Chasin’ Echoes” by The Lonely Biscuits This eclectic reggae/rap/blues

Mix tape: Scream along songs 11.05.2015

The perfect songs to belt out any day of the week Everyone has a group of friends with that one special song. The one song that, no matter the circumstances, everyone has to sing along to. Here are a few songs that never fail to start up a choir in the most random places. “Don’t

Mix-tape: A pre-game pump-up 10.22.2015

The big game is right around the corner, but football players aren’t the only ones that need to get pumped up for homecoming. Whether you are out on the field or cheering in the stands, get ready for tomorrow with a few of the best “pump up” songs music has to offer. “All I Do

Mix tape: The Laugh Track 10.15.2015

Music can largely influence a person’s mood. Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to hit pause on the chill study playlist or skip the melancholic break-up songs. It’s important to embrace the lighter, comedic side of music every once in a while. Here’s a line-up that does just that. “Fadeaway” by Garfunkel and Oates The comedy/folk

Mix Tape: Songs so sad they’re pretty 10.01.2015

“Honey Jars” – Bryan John Appleby This song follows a day in the life of an old man who has lost the love of his life and reluctantly carries on without her. “Now your honey jars are frozen, in the window, your books have browned, and there’s too much room inside our bed, I think

Mix tape: A mix for the soul 09.18.2015

As the weather cools down, the semester is heating up for many. It’s important to take a break now and then to recuperate and relieve some stress. Here are a few songs to help with a much-needed brain detox. “Argonauts” by The Little Ones One of The Little Ones’ most popular titles, this song is the perfect way to start off a study break. In

Ode to the mix CD — A sappy tribute to an art form nearly lost 09.15.2015

In third grade, I made a mix CD of epic proportions. It was simply titled  “Lyndsie’s Awesome Mix  No. 7.” It began with Avril Lavigne’s rendition of the Spongebob theme song, concluded with The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me,” while also containing “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big and Rich. This was my 8-year-old

Mix Tape: A single day 09.15.2015

No, this Reel isn’t episodes of “24.” It turns out there are tons of movies that are set in the confines of a single day. Here are just a few of the best films in one day or less. “Collateral” Jamie Foxx plays a taxicab driver who discovers his passenger is a professional hit man

Mix-tape: A mixed bag of music 09.04.2015

People’s musical tastes differ so much you can never please everyone — so, instead of listing a few songs of one genre of music and only appealing to a select few readers, these songs are diverse and good for any occasion. After all, it’s never a bad time to branch out and try something new.

Mix-tape: Nothing but the drums 09.04.2015

If the movie “Whiplash” taught us anything, it’s that playing the drums is tough. A lot of people think it’s easy, but a great drummer must be focused and in tune. Here are some great songs with drummers that were just that. “Falling” by HAIM— The Haim sisters play all their own instruments and on

Mix-tape: The perfect workout playlist 06.23.2015

These songs are sure to pump you up It’s practically a scientific fact that exercising is made much easier with good music. Pick the wrong song while running on a treadmill, and suddenly all of your energy has seemingly vanished into thin air. But, pick the right song, and just as quickly you’re cranking the

Mix-tape: Raking in the green 05.27.2015

Summer is here Moscow. Without the wealth of people to keep this town company, the ones who are left are starting to learn that money is something that makes summers in Moscow a little more fun. But guess what? We’re college students. Money isn’t always a thing that exists. It’s OK though. Jam out to

The final push 05.08.2015

Finals week is here, and the road to home and summertime freedom beckons. Power through, and be proud of all the work you’ve done this year. These songs feel good, and so should you.

Beats to learn to 04.30.2015

It’s pretty much summer. Everybody’s breaking out their shorts and flip-flops and getting ready for the beach. Unfortunately, finals still lie between students and the sweet, sandy respite, so it seems only appropriate to drop a study mix-tape. Unfortunately, this is no ordinary mix-tape, a short list of similar songs — this is the random

Vigorous vocals 04.23.2015

Music invokes emotions that sometimes can only be expressed through the trill of piano keys and the five-second hold of a pitch-perfect note. Matching these incredible vocals with their acoustic accompaniment makes this playlist one to listen to again and again.

Summer soundtrack 04.02.2015

Summer is almost here, and this means beaches, parties and all around fun. As we know, the ultimate companion piece to summer fun is great, feel-good music. Here are six albums that perfectly embody summertime.

Energizing indie for spring 03.26.2015

“Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats This British trio brings to the table two traits currently popular in the indie scene, accents and strong bass. In the band’s first single off their upcoming album, Glitterbug, a strong backbeat compliments intricate electro-pop sounds for a bring-on-the-sunshine vibe.