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A collegiate 10 days of Christmas

12.12.2014 – 2:11 pm |

They’re only tired old sayings because they are true
‘Tis the season to kick off the holiday clichés.
As snow starts to pile up and Christmas carols fill the airwaves, we are reminded of the many tired …

Three for three

12.12.2014 – 2:09 pm |

Three destinations within three hours of Moscow
When it comes to traveling, there is something I like to call “the three hour rule.” If a destination is within three hours, it is usually feasible to visit …

Seven hundred voices strong — UI Lionel Hampton School of Music to host annual Jazz Choirs Holiday Concert

12.12.2014 – 2:07 pm |

Every community has its traditions, each with a unique and long-standing significance. According to Moscow native and University of Idaho freshman Elaine Zabriskie, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Choir’s annual Holiday Concert is one of those …

Survival tips for finals

12.12.2014 – 2:05 pm |

Don’t let end-of-course exams bring you down
The sounds of murdered social lives are haunting ears across Moscow and they can only mean one thing: finals.
It’s a time for mass hysteria, mental breakdowns and falling asleep …

Friday Fiction: The curse of finals past

12.12.2014 – 2:03 pm |

The morning was just like any other. I brought my ice skates to school so I could play some hockey in front of the Idaho Commons, my buddies and I terrorized some squirrels and I …

2014 represented in music — Five of the best albums to emerge in 2014

12.12.2014 – 2:01 pm |

Five of the best albums to emerge in 2014
2014 was another big year for music, with big-name releases coming from every genre, from country to hip-hop. With new albums dropping weekly, it was difficult to …

Vivir mi aventura — Planes, trains and five countries

12.12.2014 – 1:59 pm |

I have been in a different country each weekend and I’ve found myself wanting to enjoy the short time I have left in Europe by exploring these countries, rather than write.

Graduation songs

12.12.2014 – 1:57 pm |

The end of the semester means another batch of students will graduate and move on to bigger and better things. Here’s a send-off playlist to all of those who are just days away from walking …

Horoscopes 12.12

12.12.2014 – 1:51 pm |

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21
December is the month of closure for a lot of signs, but especially you, Sagittarius. Do not be surprised if any relationships come to an end soon, they are supposed to.

Stay active as the snow falls — Destinations and tips for winter excursions

12.04.2014 – 10:25 pm |

Snow may be falling and icicles may be forming but that doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon the outdoors, yet. Moscow is surrounded with activities for everyone, all through the winter. Get out there and …

Surviving ugly sweater parties — The ultimate sweater buying guide

12.04.2014 – 10:24 pm |

Snow has started to fall, the holidays are well under way and Christmas with ancient Auntie Gertrude is right around the corner. Power bills shoot through the roof and walking to a 7 a.m. group …

Scrooge visits Moscow

12.04.2014 – 10:21 pm |

A reminder to be grateful
Three ghosts visit Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” from their own magical world — a world of the past, present and future. To portray this separation between reality and the ghost-world …

Finding Bigfoot On Moscow Mountain — Out here Squatching

12.04.2014 – 10:20 pm |

The fabled Sasquatch was spotted on Moscow Mountain, according to reports published by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website.

Finding Bigfoot On Moscow Mountain — Hug the local Bigfoot

12.04.2014 – 10:18 pm |

What’s hairy, smells like a wet dog and knows how to pronounce “Moscow” correctly? Sasquatch of course. Unfortunately, while I can’t comment on their smell, most of the producers of the Animal Planet show “Finding …

Dishing up family drama — The worst things that happen at holiday dinners

12.04.2014 – 10:16 pm |

Whether it’s a stray gray hair protruding from grandfather’s face or an ultra right-wing uncle preaching about how the South will rise again, there are a number of things that can ruin Holidays in a …

‘Sound is an animal’

12.04.2014 – 10:15 pm |

On the way to the top, it is still all about the music
Smoke wafts through the dark club in the dim red light. On stage, a single guitarist paces from mic to mic. A bassist, …

Idaho Songs — Three songs named after our state

12.04.2014 – 10:12 pm |

Even though Moscow may call itself the “heart of the arts,” Idaho is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of musical states. Regardless of its “artiness,” Idaho is still namesake to a …

horoscopes 12.05.14

12.04.2014 – 10:07 pm |

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21
Even the snow and ice can’t dampen your spirits. Neither will that slip on the ice that everyone saw. You are as graceful as a baby gazelle on a treadmill.
Capricorn 12/22-1/19
This week will …

Rawr Reviews – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1″

12.03.2014 – 9:43 pm |

This week for Rawr Reviews, Andrew Jenson, Kaitlyn Krasselt and Claire Whitley review “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.” Let’s just say, it’s not quite as exciting as the advertising.

ACIDIC Concert Gallery

12.01.2014 – 12:27 am |

Rawr Reviews — “Interstellar”

11.18.2014 – 9:58 pm |

Christopher Nolan has directed some incredible movies. “Interstellar” isn’t one of them.
Andrew Jenson, Claire Whitley, Aleya Ericson and Bradley Burgess review “Interstellar” this week on Rawr Reviews.

Farewell Bart

11.13.2014 – 11:00 pm |

A local musician’s passion for music draws him  away from Moscow
Local musician and sound technician Bart Budwig has made it to a point in life many people dream of — the point where they can …

Halloween falls into Christmas

11.13.2014 – 10:59 pm |

Are advertisers capitalizing on the holidays prematurely?
Halloween decorations disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared. They struck without warning and then they were gone, ghosting away, just like the ghouls they portray.

Tasteful Thursdays

11.13.2014 – 10:51 pm |

Moscow Food Co-op kicks off the holiday season with samples and live music
The Moscow Food Co-op may be 41 years old, but its age doesn’t reflect on the fresh and innovative take it has on …

Album review: ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift

11.13.2014 – 10:49 pm |

Taylor Swift’s latest offering includes a foreword inside written by Swift herself.
“For the last few years, I’ve woken up every day not wanting, but needing to write a new style of music. I needed to …

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