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No gluten, no problem – Learn more what gluten-free cooking is all about

03.02.2014 – 4:33 pm |

Gluten-free cooking has been gaining in popularity in the last several years, due to an increasing awareness in celiac disease or gluten intolerance.  

Best Picture pick of Oscars speak out

03.02.2014 – 4:27 pm |

“Okay, so ‘Pacific Rim,’  which is a phenomenal movie and an amazing visual masterpiece (was well-loved) by moviegoers. The fact that it got snubbed by the Oscars infuriates me. Meanwhile, ‘The Lone Ranger,’  a movie …

A passion for playing – Three students, three majors, one passion

03.02.2014 – 4:24 pm |

Architecture, international studies and accounting are three majors that have little in common, but Zach Zerrade, Josh Bacha and Jordan Hollingshead are three University of Idaho students who have one similar passion — being multi-instrument …


02.13.2014 – 10:32 pm |

With a three-day weekend of love starting today, you’ll need to have the perfect playlist to set the romantic mood.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day and tell somebody “I love you” with this playlist.


02.13.2014 – 10:30 pm |

Aquarius 1/20-2/18
Why is everybody afraid of love? Get on that horse and ride it.


02.13.2014 – 10:23 pm |

Americans consume around 58 million pounds of chocolate on Valentine’s Day annually, according to the Nielson Copany.

Friday factoids

02.13.2014 – 10:22 pm |

More than 62 percent of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending greeting cards or flowers, giving candy or other gifts, sitting down to a romantic dinner or doing all three. It is guessed that about …

Love and music

02.13.2014 – 10:21 pm |

Music itself predates much of the human ability to speak, according to neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, but what makes a love song?

Open house and open hearts – Latah County Historical Society hosts annual Victorian Valentine’s Day

02.13.2014 – 7:29 pm |

The McConnell Mansion was built back in 1886 and has become a historical attraction in Moscow.  The mansion’s original owner, William McConnell, would go on to be governor of Idaho before selling his home in …

Single on Valentine’s Day? – Single UI students talk about their plans for Valentine’s Day

02.13.2014 – 7:26 pm |

“What am I doing for Valentine’s Day? Nothing. Just another day,” UI student Justin Smoot said.   

Nothing to do but kiss – ‘Date Night’ explores the ideas of love in a different way

02.13.2014 – 7:24 pm |

Robert Caisley, head of dramatic writing and theater professor at the University of Idaho, boarded an airplane bound for rainy Santa Rosa, Calif., on the morning of Friday, Feb. 7 to see his play, “Date …

Love more, trust more— A UI couple shares the secret to a happy relationship

02.13.2014 – 5:13 pm |

Sometimes it’s just a chemical reaction, impulse or irrationality that bind two people together. They never need to talk about significant things, because they just understand each other when no words are spoken.
“We’ve always been …

Quinoa stuffed bell pepper

02.13.2014 – 5:08 pm |

This meal is good for anybody who is looking to eat a healthy vegetarian meal that has high protein. The heart-shaped bell pepper will easily serve one person and fill you up without the greasy …

‘Much Ado About Nothing’

02.13.2014 – 5:07 pm |

Put yourself in the shoes of Joss Whedon for a moment. You’ve just finished making “The Avengers,” a critical and box office success that redefined the superhero genre and won over audiences everywhere. What’s your …

Headphone rock—UI alumnus Bud Wilson and his band Aan releases their first album

01.23.2014 – 6:52 pm |

Producing a full length music album is no small feat. For the band Aan, it took two years of meticulous work to come out with their debut album “Amor Ad Nauseum.”Aan was formed in Portland. …

Prepare for professionalism—UI Career Center to host the Spring 2014 Career Fair

01.23.2014 – 6:51 pm |

The University of Idaho Career Center will host the Job and Internship Fair from 2-6 p.m. Feb. 5 in the Student Union Building.

Hot chocolates—From a kitchen experiment to global exports, Marilyn Lysohir shares the story behind Cowgirl Chocolates

01.23.2014 – 6:49 pm | 23 Comments

From the experiment in the kitchen to the real sweet in the market, from selling locally to exporting globally, Cowgirl Chocolates is still thriving as the pioneer to spiced chocolate.

Talk art to me—Four Moscow artists featured in 2013 Idaho Triennial Exhibition

01.23.2014 – 6:45 pm | One Comment

Behind every photo, painting, sculpture or self-made video there is a story to be told and four Moscow artists are sharing their stories with  Idaho.

Eat smart—Eating tips for weight loss in the New Year

01.23.2014 – 6:41 pm | 7 Comments

Christmas feast, New Year’s dinner, family reunion meals, cupcakes, brownies and all kinds of dessert from visiting relatives may satisfy everyone’s stomach but also can add some numbers on the scale. 

Life as a playground—“Gruesome Playground Injuries” is coming to life by the UI Theatre Department

01.23.2014 – 6:38 pm | 19 Comments

Life is like a playground — that’s the message “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” a production by the world renowned playwright Rajiv Joseph, explores with themes of love and pain.

Fifty first dates

01.23.2014 – 6:30 pm |

The first date. Palms are sweaty, nerves are on end but there is really nothing to worry about — or is there? How much is at stake?

RAWR Reviews—A very ‘Frozen’ movie

01.23.2014 – 6:23 pm |

There is no resisting a movie that has a talking snowman singing happily and ignorantly about his dreams of summertime. 


01.23.2014 – 6:19 pm | 2 Comments

Laughter is one of the best medicines and no music makes people laugh like parodies. Artists come out with hit singles and the next day there are hundreds of parodies. Some are funny, some are …


01.23.2014 – 6:16 pm | 31 Comments

Capricorn 12/22-1/19
Have you smelled your bathroom lately? Your mom won’t clean it for you, so snap on some rubber gloves and get scrubbing. 

Tabling Christmas

12.14.2013 – 2:42 pm |

Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather together—around a table. While it may seem unassuming or even unimportant, the table is actually an incredibly important feature to the holidays. Decorating it to …

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