Signing to save — UI is taking a step in the right direction by moving forward on with OpenStax 02.08.2016

The life of a college student is one of never ending fees. From tuition to lab fees, parking passes to health insurance, a student’s bill only seems to increase with each new semester. Fortunately, the University of Idaho’s recent decision to sign on with OpenStax, an open source textbook system, will help students save money

A head start on health — Students should start thinking about their health 02.04.2016

Today is National Wear Red Day, which recognizes that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Until recently, many people didn’t know that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women, but according to the American Heart Association it kills one out of three women each year. Heart

Freezing the fear — Proposed tuition lock provides a temporary fix for rising cost of tuition 02.01.2016

One of the greatest challenges many college students face is finding a way to fund their education. Students often enter college paying a manageable tuition rate, but find that a couple of years down the road they have to pay far more to go to school than when they first began. Whether a student is

Moscow’s fresh face — New businesses cater to younger Moscow population 01.28.2016

Moscow’s Main Street has new additions every year. Most of the new shops and restaurants show that the Moscow business scene is embracing college students as primary consumers. College students tend to be trend setters, and Moscow’s restaurant market is developing to match student preferences. In recent years, popular trends have shifted away from cheap,

Abroad perspective — Studying abroad can enhance students’ college experiences 01.25.2016

College — four short years — is supposed to be the best days of our lives. There is a multitude of ways to make college a time to remember. Some students choose to spend their college careers being active in campus organizations and in their communities. Some go Greek, some live on campus and some

An amnesty need — Medical amnesty could help save lives throughout Idaho 01.21.2016

Members of ASUI have a lot on their plate this semester based on what they hope to accomplish. While the Idaho legislature is in session, ASUI lobbyist Nate Fisher will represent the University of Idaho student body while working with legislators. He will also attempt to push a bill through the legislature that would grant

Find your happiness — UI is doing what it can to encourage education throughout the state 01.19.2016

For some students, college wasn’t an option — pursuing a higher education was a certain and critical part of their future. But for others, college wasn’t an option. It was a dream — an almost improbable reality they had to struggle to achieve. Some students never thought about college and never will. Not every student

Day for reflection — MLK day isn’t just a day off, it’s a day for reflection 01.14.2016

The first three days of the spring semester are followed by the first three-day weekend of the semester. While many students look forward to the long weekend for relaxation purposes, Martin Luther King Jr. Day shouldn’t just be viewed as a convenient day off. People should think about what MLK stood for and how it

Taking steps toward change — UI strives to integrate technology into academics in a way that works for students 12.07.2015

When Blackboard freezes or VandalWeb crashes during registration, it’s easy to become frustrated with the technology the University of Idaho has worked to incorporate into its academic programs. However, there is good news for students who find themselves frustrated with university websites, distance learning technology or a lack of technology in general. In a meeting

Dreading dead week — Dead week is a time of stress instead of a time for studying 12.03.2015

After Thanksgiving break, everyone knows what’s waiting for them when they return to campus — the mad dash to the end of the semester. There are two typical approaches for handling the end of the semester — giving up or going full-force — and both approaches could learn a bit from each other.

The graduate student struggle — UI’s teaching assistants are paid too little for a large amount of work 11.30.2015

Teaching assistants have more on their plates than most. While many people around campus fit into a single category, such as student, staff, faculty or administration, graduate students who also work as teaching assistants transcend the singular label and function as a student, instructor and, on some occasions, a researcher. Despite the extensive work graduate

Get there when you get there — Students, faculty and staff need to remember to drive safe over break 11.16.2015

With only three days left until Thanksgiving break, most students are starting to make mental plans for their trip home. Carpool lists are being created, bags are being packed, shopping lists are being written. Preparing for winter travel is one of the things that can slip students’ minds. It is important in states like Idaho

Students covering students — Student protestors shouldn’t fear the press 11.12.2015

The tension created by the protests and interactions with the student media at the University of Missouri this week can be felt through written words and even more so through the multimedia footage being released. However, the tension felt between those actually on the scene is hard to imagine. Protests are high-stress, emotionally-charged situations as is.

Speaking for students — Visiting speakers have the potential to change the way students look at the world 11.09.2015

College provides a number of opportunities for students that most people don’t regularly have at their disposal. One of these opportunities is the chance to listen and ask questions to a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author or view a presentation by a member of Doctors Without Borders. The University of Idaho regularly hosts events where students have the

A multicultural movement — UI should do more to encourage a diverse student population 11.05.2015

Within hours of the University of Idaho campus there are four of the largest Native American tribes in Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai, Nez Perce and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Yet, as of the 2015 fall semester, only 1 percent of the undergraduate population at UI consisted of American Indian or Alaska Native students. The undergraduate population

Get out and vote — Why it’s worth students’ time to vote in smaller elections 11.02.2015

The kids these days are always finding reasons not to vote. The problem is that these “kids” are actually college students, and college students aren’t kids, they’re adults. As adults, they have the right to vote, but unfortunately many students don’t utilize that right. The excuses students find to not vote are more over-used every

Teched out learning — UI has taken steps toward tech incorporation, but more can be done 10.29.2015

The world is in the digital age, which means a new generation of digital learners are starting their college education. Right now, the University of Idaho is a little behind. Online education as a supplement to actual in-class schooling has the ability to enhance students’ learning process drastically. UI should be doing everything it can

A sensitive subject — There’s a reason why STI talks are so prevalent on college campuses 10.26.2015

There are a few key health topics that constantly circulate around college campuses each year. On any given day, students are surrounded by information about how to maintain their mental health, how to be safe with alcohol and how to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses (STI). Although the many flyers, emails and events about sexual health

Celebrating a legacy — Homecoming Week is about celebration, but also representation 10.22.2015

Homecoming is a time of nostalgia. For 126 years, the University of Idaho has provided a place for students to receive an education, but it also serves as a campus where a lot of great memories are made. UI is about more than what happens in the classroom. This university has a rich history, and

Talking about tech — Class cellphone policies are about mutual respect, not technology 10.19.2015

Nowadays everyone has a cellphone, and for students, cellphone policies in the classroom have become expected in their educational environment in both high school and college. Some professors have stricter policies than others, but it all boils down to a system of mutual respect between student and professor. Students are at the University of Idaho

Preparing for tragedy — UI should use campus-wide drills to prepare for tragic events 10.15.2015

In the wake of multiple school shootings at institutions of higher education, such as those at Umpqua Community College, Northern Arizona University and Texas Southern University, the debate over gun control is inevitable. Instead of debating over the future of guns, colleges should be preparing for how their community can respond should a similar situation

An online education provides many benefits, but it’s not for everyone 10.12.2015

Technology is a defining characteristic of the 21st century. It is now so intertwined with every day life, it’s no surprise that educational institutions are trying to integrate increasing amounts technology into education. The University of Idaho has stressed the importance of this combination by working on a distance education plan in hopes of being

Silencing the slip-and-slide — The cancelation of a popular Greek tradition was a complex decision for UI administration 10.08.2015

Over the years, the notoriously steep hill behind the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house became particularly famous for the slip and slide event the fraternity hosts on the slope every fall. This year, however, the fraternity decided to cancel the event at the request of the Dean of Students Office.

The value of experience — College students should not waste their summers doing nothing 10.05.2015

By this point in the semester, most college freshmen have realized that high school is over. If they haven’t, they need to realize it soon. Perhaps the biggest difference between high school and college life comes out during breaks from the actual classes. In high school, most students spend their summer vacations free from the

Staben is not silent — Staben assesses troubles with the Vandals Athletic Department 10.01.2015

It’s obvious the controversy surrounding the University of Idaho Athletic Department isn’t going away anytime soon. Vandal Football alone has had its fair share of incidents since the school year began a mere six weeks ago. Head coach Paul Petrino was accused of harassing members of the local media, two football players — Dezmon Epps