College provides an opportunity for students explore their political beliefs 04.28.2016

Millennials are the digital generation — there’s no doubt about that. So, it makes sense that Millennials are turning to social media, not just for entertainment, but also for their news, including the latest in American politics. In a Pew Research Study, “How Millennials’ political news habits differ from those of Gen Xers and Baby

Angles of research — VIP grants highlight importance of interdisciplinary research 04.25.2016

The University of Idaho has consistently been praised as a high-quality research institution, and this year UI President Chuck Staben made sure it lives up to the praise. Last week five groups composed of UI community members received between $40,000 and $80,000 in grant money as part of the Vandal Ideas Project (VIP). VIP is

Celebrate Earth Day by saving the Earth 04.21.2016

On Earth Day, the world celebrates the environment and the ways it can be protected. University of Idaho students and Moscow residents tend to have a unique connection with the wilderness. To protect that connection, it is vital that people band together to make a difference. No one person can single-handedly save the environment, but

Students and administrators alike can do more to help faculty, staff feel appreciated 04.18.2016

If students are the lifeblood of the University of Idaho, then faculty and staff are the muscles that do the heavy lifting. While faculty and staff play an integral role in helping students transition into college and complete their higher education, they are often underappreciated and undercompensated. An article published in The Argonaut Tuesday cited

Raising the stakes — Increasing the tuition rate for students is a catch-22 for the university 04.14.2016

Anumber of college students struggle to pay for  higher education. Some students work part or full-time jobs to pay their tuition and support themselves throughout the course of the school year. Other students depend on loans and grants, which can lead to debt that can follow them long after they graduate. Paying for school is

New police chief should pay attention to community’s emerging values 04.11.2016

The Moscow Police Department has developed a good relationship with the people of the town and University of Idaho community, and Captain James Fry has been a part of that for years. Fry will be approved as the new Chief of Police by Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert April 18, replacing current Chief David Duke, who

Creators in the community — TedxUIdaho brings out brilliance in the community 04.07.2016

TED Talks — the short videos that teach us so much. These videos are filmed at TED Conferences around the world where speakers meet and present their ideas in 18 minutes or less. They cover anything from artificial intelligence to agriculture to learning about how to be happy. In the past, speakers have included scientists,

Leaders who listen — ASUI is helping students turn their voices into actions 04.04.2016

The ASUI web page lists the goal of student government as an organization that “helps Vandals of all disciplines be engaged leaders of tomorrow and craft a bright future for Idaho and beyond.” While it doesn’t always feel like ASUI serves as a voice for Vandals, student government has stepped up its game in the

The price of Targhee — Targhee Hall should be back as a housing facility 03.31.2016

Targhee Hall was once a place where University of Idaho fine arts students created a community. Students who lived there swore by it. But in 2014, Targhee was temporarily converted into an office space to accommodate for the construction of the new College of Education building. Targhee residents were shocked by the news, and many

Catering to the young ones — UIdaho Bound needs to live up to its recruitment name 03.28.2016

For many current and past University of Idaho students, Vandal Friday was an event that stuck with them throughout their college years. Sure, it probably wasn’t the free pizza or the countless people telling them to get involved that remained in their memories. It was, however, the connections made that day. This year Vandal Friday

In times of war — People around the world should support each other, not divide 03.24.2016

Tragedy works in two ways. It can either bring people together or force them apart. The terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday shows the latter of the two. In the wake of that attack, thousands have called for justice to be served for the 30 people killed and 230 wounded. However, some of those who

The benefits of consistency — The problems facing contingent faculty need to be addressed 03.21.2016

Budgeting a university isn’t an easy task, and it’s understandable that the University of Idaho’s administration would try to save money whenever possible. According to a Human Resources report, more than 30 percent of UI’s faculty are contingent, which means they are temporary employees hired and fired by pre-determined durations. The inconsistent employment prevents contingent

Woes of modern women — Even in the 21st century, we can do more to promote gender equality 03.07.2016

March is Women’s History Month, and the University of Idaho offers several opportunities for people to learn more about women’s issues, such as Lunafest, a female film festival. It seems as though a lot of progress has been made in the last century to further women’s rights and end sexism. However, even in 2016 there

Benefits for more than athletes — Student fee proposal doesn’t correct criticism, but it’s a start 03.03.2016

When someone isn’t involved in something or does not benefit from it, it is easy to criticize. Students, for example, were quick to criticize where their money for student fees goes. ASUI conducted a survey on student fees and received more than 800 responses, according to ASUI President Max Cowan. He said the most common

Taking the time after tragedy — After the loss of a Vandal family member comes a time of remembrance and appreciation 02.29.2016

Almost everyone at the University of Idaho knew Jace Malek’s story. Regardless of whether it was because they knew the athlete personally, most students around campus were familiar with how he came to be a Vandal. The Spokane student-athlete was diagnosed with cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, following his decision to sign with the Vandal football team.

Out of respect — Policy change provides better opportunities for UI employees 02.25.2016

A common complaint among University of Idaho employees is that UI doesn’t provide adequate compensation for faculty and staff. Low compensation doesn’t just mean that university employees aren’t appropriately paid. They also have limited opportunities when it comes to moving between departments. In the past, if internal employees wanted to make a lateral move — switching

The power of jazz hands — The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival acts as a recruitment effort for UI 02.22.2016

For one week in February, hundreds or even thousands of people travel to Moscow for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Many of these visitors are prospective students who get a brief look at the University of Idaho and the rest of the community during their stay. The Jazz Fest is a big deal for these

Volunteering for life — Requiring students to complete community service could provide unexpected benefits for everyone 02.18.2016

Community service is more than donating a couple hours of the weekend — volunteering has the ability to make a real difference. The University of Idaho should do more to encourage students to give back to their community, either on or off campus. It’s often said that life-long volunteers would never have started volunteering if

The gift of scholarships — UI and FAFSA aren’t the only financial aid options 02.16.2016

College is one of the largest investments people face in their lives, and unfortunately, a higher education is becoming harder to pay for. The priority deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was Monday, which a lot of students depend on to make their college education affordable every year. However, FAFSA shouldn’t

The beauty of community — Eating disorders effect many, but students should know they’re not alone 02.11.2016

College can be a tremendously stressful time, but one of the best parts about the University of Idaho is the strong sense of community felt throughout campus. It’s important for students to know they are not alone, that no one in the Vandal family is. Despite this, the unfortunate reality is that many students think

Signing to save — UI is taking a step in the right direction by moving forward on with OpenStax 02.08.2016

The life of a college student is one of never ending fees. From tuition to lab fees, parking passes to health insurance, a student’s bill only seems to increase with each new semester. Fortunately, the University of Idaho’s recent decision to sign on with OpenStax, an open source textbook system, will help students save money

A head start on health — Students should start thinking about their health 02.04.2016

Today is National Wear Red Day, which recognizes that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Until recently, many people didn’t know that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women, but according to the American Heart Association it kills one out of three women each year. Heart

Freezing the fear — Proposed tuition lock provides a temporary fix for rising cost of tuition 02.01.2016

One of the greatest challenges many college students face is finding a way to fund their education. Students often enter college paying a manageable tuition rate, but find that a couple of years down the road they have to pay far more to go to school than when they first began. Whether a student is

Moscow’s fresh face — New businesses cater to younger Moscow population 01.28.2016

Moscow’s Main Street has new additions every year. Most of the new shops and restaurants show that the Moscow business scene is embracing college students as primary consumers. College students tend to be trend setters, and Moscow’s restaurant market is developing to match student preferences. In recent years, popular trends have shifted away from cheap,

Abroad perspective — Studying abroad can enhance students’ college experiences 01.25.2016

College — four short years — is supposed to be the best days of our lives. There is a multitude of ways to make college a time to remember. Some students choose to spend their college careers being active in campus organizations and in their communities. Some go Greek, some live on campus and some