Off the cuff 05.04.2015

LOL Remember the days when professors didn’t have tests or make big projects due during dead week? Yeah, me neither. —Erin

Off the cuff 04.30.2015

And so it begins Is it bad that I’m counting down the days to summer break before dead week has even started? I’m not sure how the graduating seniors are doing it. —Erin

Off the cuff 04.27.2015

Wainwright out for season Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo —Stephan

Off the cuff 04.20.2015

Amber Get well soon! The newsroom is not the same without you rapping along to classic hip-hop songs. —Ryan

Off the cuff 04.16.2015

Mom I love you, and I’m so glad you’re visiting Moscow this year. Just behave yourself while you’re here … please. —Erin

Off the cuff 04.14.2015

The things I do Had you asked me ayear ago if I would write,a profile about a turtle,I would have laughed atyou. But Killer, the houseturtle during Turtle Derby,will be a fun characterto interview. —Claire

Off the cuff 04.09.2015

Pulling an all nighter It’s the only time I’mawake early enough to getMcDonald’s breakfast. —Stephan

Off the cuff 04.06.2015

Thankful to be alive A year ago today, I was in the hospital in critical condition. I’m not in perfect health now, and the last year has been a whirlwind, but I’m so thankful to be where I am today. —Stephan

Off the cuff 04.03.2015

Concealed carry “rewrite” So the Idaho Legislature wants to allow citizens the ability to carry concealed weapons without a permit … And they wonder why so many students are leaving the state after graduating? —Erin

Off the cuff 03.30.2015

Just a number I don’t even care. I will continue to have a 5-year-old mentality and deny that I am an actual adult until my dying day. —Erin

Off the cuff 03.27.2015

#ByeZayn I have never had such a fun time on Twitter as I did after I found out Zayn was quitting One Direction. Sorry to the heartbroken fangirls out there, but I’m really not sorry. —Erin

Off the cuff 03.23.2015

Bar gigs Rule No. 1: When you are done with the set, take a minute and put your instrument away before going to the bar. Yes, a drunk person will ask to play your instrument, and yes, they can get grabby. —Ryan

Off the cuff 03.09.2015

Stick a fork in me I’m done. At least by the time this paper comes out I will be halfway through my midterms and in a much happier place than the one I’m in now. –Erin

Off the cuff 03.05.2015

Live action/CG “Nimh” movie Written by Michael Berg, of “Ice Age 5?” Nope! Nope! That’s a whole lot of nope! This is not a good formula. Cease and desist, MGM. —Andrew

Off the cuff 03.02.2015

So far, so good The first few days of March have been pleasantly mild. Sure, there are still 28 days left, but considering the month’s previous track record with weather, I’ll take what I can get. #spoketoosoon —Erin

Off the cuff 02.27.2015

Weekend trip Wanna know who is too broke and busy to go on weekend trips with a significant other? All college kids ever. —Claire

Off the cuff 02.23.2015

Predictable When the biggest surprise at the Academy Awards comes down to which film wins Best Animated Feature, you’d think that would raise some red flags. It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest nights of the year. Time to kick it up a notch. —Erin

Off the cuff 02.20.2015

Parents When I was in high school Idid everything I could to avoidbeing around my parents. Now Iget absolutely giddy when they saythey’re coming to see me. I wonderif it has a similarity to Pavlov’sdog. #freefood —Claire

Off the cuff 02.17.2015

SNL 40 In my personal opinion, the only disappointing thing about this reunion was the fact that it was ironically filmed on a Sunday instead of on a Saturday. In the words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler … really? —Erin

Off the cuff 02.13.2015

Jon … not John I could really get behind aStewart/Colbert/Fey/Poehler combo. This is probably just wishfulthinking, but still. —Kaitlyn

Off the cuff 02.10.2015

Shout-out toScalia, Thomasand Moore I thank God for thesejustices. They seem to bethe only ones fighting thegood fight in Alabama andacross the nation. Stand fast,gentlemen! —Andrew

Off the cuff 02.06.2015

A love/haterelationship Sometimes, I really wish itwas possible for me to functionon a day-to-day basis withoutusing the Internet. But on mostdays, I worship the Wi-Fi godsfor their gift to mankind. —Erin

Off the cuff 02.02.2015

Wow The Seahawks need a hug. — Ryan

Off the cuff 01.30.2015

Sunday So pumped for the very first Super Bowl I actually care about! —Erin

Off the cuff 01.26.2015

Sweet tooth Some days, all I want is cheesecake. –Erin