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Off the cuff

10.31.2014 – 12:23 am |

Quick takes on life from our editors

Mein Bowl
Easy on the onions, please. I’d prefer not to be crying by the end of my meal. But seriously, I think there is the equivalent of about one …

Protect yourself from STIs

10.30.2014 – 10:18 pm |

Discussing sexual health issues is important
Sex can be a tricky subject to talk about. An even trickier topic is discussing the possible risks associated with sex, such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
No one wants an …

Replacing Stephen Madison

10.30.2014 – 10:17 pm |

With Stephen Madison gone, Verlin has unknowns heading into season
This season, Idaho coach Don Verlin will face the difficult task of replacing Stephen Madison. 

Vote and be heard

10.30.2014 – 10:13 pm |

Voter turnout is already low, and now women are discouraged from voting
Constant complaints can be heard surrounding national politics, yet many of these complaints come from people who didn’t even use the opportunity to vote.
It’s …

Staben’s feminist side

10.30.2014 – 10:11 pm |

Staben’s support for women’s rights sets good standard for UI
In a red state like Idaho, University of Idaho President Chuck Staben’s recent public endorsement of feminism is both refreshing and welcomed.
Donning a black T-shirt with …

Fitting everyone’s Halloween

10.28.2014 – 12:42 am |

Halloween costumes are  not  one size fits all
It’s almost time for Halloween. You know what that means, ladies? Time to don some makeup and take out that sexy costume that’s been in the closet all …

Cutting gluten

10.27.2014 – 10:45 pm |

A gluten-free diet impedes the average person
As garlic wards off vampires, gluten scares off  college students. One of the oddest health trends taking hold of society is the rejection of gluten— even if there is …

Off the cuff

10.27.2014 – 10:40 pm |

In West Philadelphia,
Headed on a plane, at a conference is where I’ll spend most of my days. Working real hard, acting all cool hoping they won’t think I’m a fool.

No longer about tobacco

10.27.2014 – 10:36 pm |

Disregard for a proper process, communication distracts from debate
Only one person — University of Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear — showed up to a public orientation for the proposed campus-wide tobacco ban last week.
The lack …

Rawr Reviews — “Fury”

10.27.2014 – 12:50 am |

It’s brutal, it’s gruesome, it’s heartbreaking and long, but it’s well worth the watch.

Letter to the Editor

10.23.2014 – 10:29 pm |

Vote for Jordan 
Idaho Rep. Cindy Agidius’ first term has been a disappointment.  She was elected to represent Benewah and Latah counties two years ago. But last spring, when the going got tough, she found she …

The lonely ring — Divorce is not always the best solution

10.23.2014 – 10:27 pm |

A decade ago, the news of my friends’ parents being separated was so scandalous it became the center of our classmates’ daily conversations. Of course, my friend was upset — the fact her family failed …

Another equal rights setback — Otter still fights a losing battle

10.23.2014 – 10:24 pm |

The state of same-sex marriage in Idaho has been characterized by a rather tenacious tug of war. Oct. 15 marked the first day same-sex couples could legally marry in the state of Idaho. The day …

Calling Vandal volunteers — Make a Difference Day serves as reminder of the importance of volunteering

10.23.2014 – 10:21 pm |

The population of Moscow grows by more than 11,000 every fall as students return to school, and with it, so does the strain on the community and its resources.

Selling honor

10.20.2014 – 10:31 pm |

A sales pitch for overachieving college students
Are you an overachieving student? Do you fear that near perfect grades and hard work will get you nowhere in life? Then I have the perfect solution for you.

Off the cuff

10.20.2014 – 10:28 pm |

In recent sports news,
Luckily for my listeners I’m much, much better at broadcast news than softball.

Race isn’t a costume

10.20.2014 – 10:25 pm |

Wearing certain costumes disrespects cultures, customs
Whether it’s super scary, a wild pop culture reference, something sexy or outrageously hilarious, Halloween is a chance for students to get crazier than they usually do. Unfortunately, costumes can …

Stay healthy and sane

10.20.2014 – 10:23 pm |

Vandals should focus on staying healthy, instead of panicking about Ebola
Recently, the top story on practically all network news  stations is the so-called “epidemic” of Ebola in the United States. People are panicked about Ebola …

Off the cuff

10.17.2014 – 2:15 am |

Making history
The Argonaut intramural softball team plays in the tournament championship Sunday. This is quite astounding for a team that usually gets destroyed in any intramural competition.

Chronicles of a non binge-watcher

10.16.2014 – 10:37 pm |

Cultural phenomenon doesn’t click for all
No one can do everything. Some people can’t sing. Some people can’t dance. I can’t binge-watch.

Tight race for Idaho governor

10.16.2014 – 10:35 pm |

Balukoff fights relentlessly against Otter in final weeks until election
Idaho hasn’t seen a democratic governor since Cecil Andrus’ election in 1987.  However, it appears this year’s Nov. 4 general election could put an end to …

Get involved in Homecoming

10.16.2014 – 9:39 pm |

Homecoming should be exciting for underclassmen
Homecoming Week is an exciting time for students, since it’s a week-long celebration of being a Vandal and taking pride in the University of Idaho. However, all this celebrating mostly …

A students’ dean

10.16.2014 – 9:36 pm |

For 42 years, Pitman has served UI and its students
Homecoming Weekend is one of the most anticipated social weekends of the year — from the fireworks to the football game, Vandals near and far come …

21 Run fun

10.16.2014 – 9:35 pm |
21 Run fun

Tips to birthday bar hopping like a boss
Birthday cards sent from family and the rain of Facebook well wishes on a 21st birthday are all nice, but the federal government always goes full rich grandparent …

Off the cuff

10.13.2014 – 10:30 pm |

Quick takes on life from our editors
And here we have Idaho, the backwards relative
Idaho is becoming the stereotypical deep South of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s fix that this upcoming election by voting the old cronies out and putting some …

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