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Life starts now – Exciting and overwhelming

07.22.2014 – 10:28 pm |

It’s the end of July and that means August is just around the corner and with it comes classes. Excitement and anxiety are the two main emotions looking toward that not so distant first day …

Pros and cons of summer school – Is summer school for you?

07.22.2014 – 10:26 pm |

What are two words that instill fear in the minds of students everywhere? Summer school.

Off the cuff

07.22.2014 – 10:11 pm |

No, it’s not as good as the critics or anyone says. It pales in comparison to the Rod Serling classic.

Dorm dos and don’ts – Dorm life only sucks if you let it suck

07.22.2014 – 10:11 pm |

When I used to tell people who had lived in Wallace Residence Center that I’d decided to live there for freshman year, I was usually answered in one of two ways: “I loved it,” or …

Tips and tricks for getting back to class – What to watch out for when you come to school

07.22.2014 – 10:07 pm |
Cy Whitling | Argonaut

Well, it has happened again, our tilted hemisphere is leaning away from the sun and school is coming once more to haunt or bless us. As long lazy days drift into dreary autumn and empty …

Open letter – Dear class of 2018, have fun

07.22.2014 – 9:53 pm |

This is not high school.
This is nothing like high school — so take a deep breath. Calm down. No one here cares what your social standing was. No one cares about your GPA or  SAT …

Just do something – Listen to those who tell you to get involved your freshman year

07.22.2014 – 9:49 pm |

The first weeks of a new school year always go by in a blur — moving to Moscow, meeting thousands of new people, starting classes.

During that time everyone who’s ever been a part of the …

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” – Cars, explosions, and all around good fun

07.09.2014 – 4:05 pm |

Michael Bay’s live-action “Transformers” trilogy has run the gambit for film fans. Some people —   like me — love ‘em, some people hate ‘em. Regardless of opinion, it can’t be denied that the films have …

Scrapped metal – The new “Transformers” movie isn’t good enough to be mindless fun

07.09.2014 – 4:00 pm |

“Deliver Us From Evil”, a horror movie based solely on the jump scare, reminds us how uninventive many films are today. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” not only confirms this sad fact, but it seems bent …

Looking to the heavens – “Earth to Echo” is an excellent and entertaining family movie that exceeds expectations

07.08.2014 – 9:21 pm |

“Earth to Echo” is an “E.T.” knock-off. There’s no getting around that. But, it’s so much more enjoyable than its predecessor.

No horror in this story – ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ is an ineffectual horror story with lazy attempts at scares

07.08.2014 – 8:54 pm | One Comment

If you like flickering lights, some gritty imagery and a whole lot of jump scares, this is your movie. If you want to be scared, go rent “The Exorcist.”

Arg Reviews – “Jersey Boys”

06.25.2014 – 7:49 pm |

It’s the story of The Four Seasons, directed by Clint Eastwood. And it’s a flop. Andrew Jenson explains why in this week’s Arg Reviews.

A conservative triumph – Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ takes progressivism head on

06.24.2014 – 7:05 pm | One Comment

If ever there was a book written for our generation, this is it. Not that its only audience is or should be our generation, but it speaks so strongly to those who have had to …

Arg Reviews – “Edge of Tomorrow”

06.12.2014 – 11:53 am |

Andrew Jenson and Josh Gamez review the new sci-fi epic “Edge of Tomorrow,” starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. How does it hold up? Find out right here with Arg Reviews.

Grand slam for Singer – “Days of Future Past” is a truly great film that rectifies past X-Men failures

05.27.2014 – 7:40 pm |
Grand slam for Singer – “Days of Future Past” is a truly great film that rectifies past X-Men failures

This isn’t just a movie about the X-Men, this is a movie about a director taking back the reigns of his beloved franchise.

A year in review — Difficult year will lead to better future for UI

05.08.2014 – 10:26 pm |

In many ways, this academic year has been one of transition for the University of Idaho.
The editorial board has used this very space to provide commentary on a wide array of topics — the selection …

Off the Cuff

05.08.2014 – 10:26 pm | One Comment

Last OTC
Thanks to Shawn O’Neal and all of the Arg staff past and present for making my two years at UI totally incredible. I love you all. I promise I’ll visit.
Mine always are spent working …

A healthy summer — Summer poses different health problems, stay safe

05.05.2014 – 10:36 pm | One Comment

Summer is one of everyone’s favorite parts of the year. Finally finishing up with school graduating or not the three months off are the perfect time to relax and have some fun. There are plenty …

Finals Fest flop — ‘Take me to your best friend’s house,’ not the Grouplove concert

05.05.2014 – 10:35 pm | 6 Comments

If last year’s Finals Fest cost students $15, they might have complained about having to spend their beer money, but they would have done it anyway. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were just reaching their peak …

Off the Cuff

05.05.2014 – 10:34 pm |

Because it’s the Cup

UI’s Title IX troubles — List of Title IX investigations should serve as an alarm bell

05.05.2014 – 10:33 pm | 3 Comments

University of Idaho was named on a list released Thursday consisting of 55 colleges and universities under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for possible violations of Title IX …

Ideological divide – True colors show during ideological debate

05.01.2014 – 10:04 pm |
Ideological divide – True colors show during ideological debate

Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District Representative Mike Simpson recently debated his primary election opponent, Attorney Bryan Smith, which provided Idahoans with a great opportunity to get inside the heads of both men.  The debate topics covered …

Off the cuff

05.01.2014 – 10:01 pm | One Comment

Always good to see the Choklahoma City Blunder lose. Makes you believe in karma.

The need for feminism

05.01.2014 – 10:00 pm |

Feminists and all others who strive for gender equity are not bashing the “man-o-saurus.” Recognition of privilege — and being a man is a privilege — is not attacking every individual man. Identifying a wage …

Editorial was too kind

05.01.2014 – 9:58 pm | One Comment

You had an opportunity on Monday to publish a hard-hitting editorial in Tuesday’s paper and you wimped out. The powers that be at the university must really appreciate your tenure as Argonaut editor.

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