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Get pumped for thrift shops —Thrift shops have an undeserved reputation

09.11.2014 – 9:54 pm |

For the 2013 Finals Fest, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis rocked the Kibbie Dome with their song “Thrift Shop” to all of the adoring Vandals in attendance. The song, which reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot …

Setting political priorities straight—Politicians need to focus on legislation, not re-election

09.11.2014 – 9:51 pm |

The Obama administration announced last week a delay on their plans for immigration reform until after the midterm elections in November. Earlier this year, the president moved for a review of current immigration and deportation …

Off the Cuff

09.11.2014 – 9:48 pm |

I don’t understand
Why must we list assets in order of liquidity on balance sheets? It doesn’t affect the end result at all, and it only makes things difficult for everyone. Seriously, why?

It could happen to you —Safety Week is about prevention, developing community

09.11.2014 – 9:44 pm |

The age-old mantra “it’ll never happen to me” is one particularly prevalent among college students.

Dome-field advantage

09.11.2014 – 8:05 pm |

It’s fact — probably proven in a scientific study somewhere — football players receive an extra adrenalin boost when their home crowd is loud and full of energy.

Arg Reviews – Doctor Who, “Robot of Sherwood,” Series 8 Episode 3

09.11.2014 – 5:52 pm |

Robin Hood exists, and he steals from the rich to give to the poor. He also helps The Doctor uncover a plot – once again involving robots – that has to do with gold.

Arg Reviews – Doctor Who, “Into the Dalek,” Series 8 Episode 2

09.11.2014 – 5:49 pm |

The Doctor and Clara find themselves at a military base which has captured an apparently good Dalek. With a squad of soldiers behind them, The Doctor and his companion are shrunken in order go into …

Arg Reviews – Doctor Who, “Deep Breath,” Series 8 Episode 1

09.11.2014 – 5:45 pm |

Following his regeneration, The Doctor and Clara find themselves confronting creepy robots, a dinosaur, and Steven Moffat dialogue. Peter Capaldi holds himself well as The Doctor’s 12th incarnation, but “Deep Breath” leaves much to be …

Self-control for selfies—Funeral selfies demonstrate need for social media code of conduct

09.08.2014 – 10:56 pm |

People take photos of themselves in front of open caskets, at gravesites, with pictures of the dead and much more in an atrocious trend known as “funeral selfies.”

Climbing Meat Mountain —Eating Arby’s Meat Mountain proved a testament of my will

09.08.2014 – 10:49 pm |

I’ve never ordered a sandwich where two employees went out of their way to double-check that I had something to wash it down with.

Off the cuff

09.08.2014 – 10:39 pm |

Ode to bacon
Without your salty goodness and meaty charms, I’d be quite hangry. Oh bacon, how wonderful you make the world. You’re the one food that improves everything it touches … other than cheese or …

A day to remember—honoring September 11 is still important after 13 years

09.08.2014 – 10:32 pm |

Some students at the University of Idaho are too young to remember where they were or what they were doing during the events of Sept. 11, 2001. 

Linehan leads improved Idaho offense

09.08.2014 – 10:32 pm |

It would be foolish to think one game could be an indicator for the rest of the season, but freshman quarterback Matt Linehan and the Idaho offense showed a spark against Louisiana-Monroe that was lacking …

Arg Reviews — “The November Man”

09.05.2014 – 9:32 pm |

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Luke Bracely, “The November Man” pits spy vs. spy, master vs. protégé as both work a deadly assignment. If only it were as cool as it sounds.

Schools need money to stay in session

09.04.2014 – 10:18 pm |

What I’m about to say comes with a heavy heart. It’s not easy, the idea is vile, it’s disgusting and as a lifelong student, it’s treacherous on a level similar to Benedict Arnold.

Not all negative — Idaho, Florida football game suspension good for young Idaho offense

09.02.2014 – 10:23 pm |

Besides learning that they probably need to make some adjustments on their kickoff team, there are several positives the Vandals can take away from the suspended football season opener at Florida.

Vandal Voices

09.02.2014 – 9:52 pm |

Q: University of Idaho President Chuck Staben supports a campus-wide tobacco ban to be implemented fall 2015. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

Preventing rape

09.02.2014 – 9:50 pm |

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing women at parties sticking their fingers in their drinks in the near future — they are just testing out the anti-rape nail polish they are wearing. 

Off the Cuff

09.02.2014 – 9:48 pm |

As it turns out, waterskiing is much harder than it looks, especially if you’re inclined to be a bit uncoordinated.

Tobacco ban goes too far

09.02.2014 – 9:47 pm |

Undoubtedly, smokers everywhere gasped at the news that University of Idaho President Chuck Staben intends to implement a campus-wide tobacco ban by fall 2015.

Cutting control of contraceptives

08.28.2014 – 10:32 pm |

In the wake of the infamous Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. case, many religious corporations are attempting to find more ways to opt out of providing coverage for contraceptives for their employees. 

Respect the dunes

08.28.2014 – 10:30 pm |

The safety of visitors to Corps of Engineers lands is a high priority for the Lower Granite Lock and Dam team. Our rangers and staff do their best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience …

Off the cuff

08.28.2014 – 10:26 pm |

Three-day weekend
First week is done. Finally. I can relax. Or you know do mounds of homework, and other work until I push myself to the breaking point. Whatevs.

Quit babysitting college students — Revoking The Perch’s Permission won’t solve underage drinking

08.28.2014 – 10:24 pm |

At 18 years old, people are considered adults. They can fight for their country, buy cigarettes, vote and live legally on their own, without seeking emancipation from their parents.

Everyone knows Joe — Take advantage of the endless connections of the Vandal family

08.25.2014 – 10:11 pm |

By now, the first day of classes are over, Greek houses have been selected, clubs have held their first meetings and The Argonaut has completed its second production cycle of the year.

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