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Rawr Reviews — “Interstellar”

11.18.2014 – 9:58 pm |

Christopher Nolan has directed some incredible movies. “Interstellar” isn’t one of them.
Andrew Jenson, Claire Whitley, Aleya Ericson and Bradley Burgess review “Interstellar” this week on Rawr Reviews.

Off the cuff

11.18.2014 – 12:14 am |

Go vote, I guess
All the ASUI candidates sound the same. But yeah, be sure to vote in the ones who are going to represent you in a student government that is kind of unnecessary. Yay for the …

Consistency lacking in 2014

11.17.2014 – 10:35 pm |
Consistency lacking in 2014

Idaho football showed flashes of brilliance, couldn’t sustain it this season
It’s been a theme of “which Idaho team will show up in a given quarter” for the 2014 football season.
The Vandals show flashes of what …

’Tis the season to not be thankful

11.17.2014 – 9:44 pm |

Thanksgiving has lost meaning as a holiday of thankfulness
Students are counting down the days until fall break, families are planning the best stuffing for the turkey and store owners are getting ready for the biggest …

Kardashian catastrophe

11.17.2014 – 9:42 pm |

Many problems exist with Kim Kardashian’s recent photo shoot
By now, many people have seen the nude and oiled up photos of Kim Kardashian taken for the cover of Paper magazine with a title of “Break …

Avoid accidents, travel safe

11.17.2014 – 9:38 pm |

Students should take extra time to plan for travel home, stay safe when driving
In the rush to get home to see friends and family, many University of Idaho students forget to plan a safe car …

One for the men

11.13.2014 – 10:39 pm |

This is not another feminism column
The caricatured feminist is dead. The bra-burning, man-hating, mouth-frothing, perpetually angry cat lady stereotype is tired and outdated as, after decades of being a niche ideology, feminism finally breaks into …

Beginning a new life

11.13.2014 – 10:37 pm |
Beginning a new life

Dorm life is necessary and convenient for first-year students
It was 11:30 p.m. and I was ready for bed, excited for my first night of getting 8 hours of sleep ever since the start of college. …

Time for blood equality

11.13.2014 – 10:35 pm | One Comment

We must rethink a decades-old policy on blood donation blood
It is incredibly easy to find a location to donate blood. Here at the University of Idaho, blood drives are held in the Idaho Commons frequently, …

Off the cuff

11.13.2014 – 10:33 pm |

It’s not the temperature that gets me, it’s the wind.

Mind mental health

11.13.2014 – 10:31 pm |

Mental health is a serious issue, seek help if needed
A weather-induced gloom has settled over the University of Idaho.
Students are finding ways to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid exposure to the extreme …

Rawr Reviews — “Big Hero 6″

11.11.2014 – 5:52 pm |

It’s hard not to like a movie that features a sweet and huggable robot. This week on Rawr Reviews Aleya Ericson, Andrew Jenson and Bradley Burgess review Disney’s “Big Hero 6.”

Off the cuff

11.11.2014 – 12:15 am |

Thank you
Thanks to all the veterans who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom. You are appreciated.

An app for harassment

11.10.2014 – 10:12 pm | 2 Comments

On apps, some things can last forever
College students are the target audience for many recently launched apps. The newest hit app to hit University of Idaho is FADE — a free app that allows users …

Tobacco Task Force had extensive process

11.10.2014 – 10:10 pm |

Task force research, process began in 2012
Emily Tuschhoff
Helen Brown
Trish Hartzell
Tobacco Task Force
In the fall of 2012, a group of four Movement Science (MVSC) students taking courses (MVSC 429 and 486) to assess, plan, market, implement …

Grow up already

11.10.2014 – 10:08 pm |

Acts of immaturity make UI campus hostile for students and faculty
Drug abuse, robbery, sexual harassment, abduction and murder are all crimes that are major concerns to every community. This is especially true for college towns, …

Remembering veterans

11.10.2014 – 10:06 pm |

Students should show gratitude to veterans
At 11:11 a.m. today, a solemn ceremony will take place on the front steps of Memorial Gym. The Moscow community gathers at those steps as part of a yearly University …

Unpopular opinions: Why we run them

11.06.2014 – 11:03 pm | 2 Comments

Decision to publish was made consciously, with purpose
The Argonaut has received dozens of responses to the opinion column, “The poison of feminism,” by Andrew Jenson. Many were outraged by the content while others supported it and thanked …

Defining womanhood

11.06.2014 – 10:11 pm |
Defining womanhood

Feminism is a protector of true womanhood
The definition of womanhood is hard to pin down.
According to Andrew Jenson, an opinion writer for The Argonaut, womanhood is the physical ability to carry a pregnancy full term …

Voting against photo ID

11.06.2014 – 10:08 pm |

Mandatory ID laws about more than preventing voter fraud
The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights given to a U.S. citizen. Midterms may be over, but one of the largest issues surrounding this past …


11.06.2014 – 10:06 pm |

Feminism is not a poison
In a recent Argonaut opinion article, The Poison of Feminism, columnist Andrew Jenson greatly misconstrued the concepts of feminism and womanhood. According to the article, feminism “has done nothing less than destroy …

Off the cuff

11.06.2014 – 10:05 pm |

Idaho made stupid decisions, but at least I can go to Oregon or Washington to get high and ignore my problems.

Rawr Reviews — The Best Halloween Movies

11.05.2014 – 4:26 pm |

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, but mainly they’re just awesome. Josh Gamez and Andrew Jenson count down the best movies the Halloween season has to offer.

Rawr Reviews — “The Judge”

11.04.2014 – 12:14 am |

Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr. are perfectly matched in “The Judge,” the new drama about an estranged father and son directed by David Dobkin.

Off the cuff

11.04.2014 – 12:08 am |

Brittany Maynard
I’m sorry to hear she took her own life Sunday. I want to put the best construction on this situation, but this is never OK. Murder of the self is just as bad as murdering another person. There is no …

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