Empty seats — Despite athletic success, few students attend Vandal athletic events 02.04.2016

Senior Christina Salvatore dribbles the ball down the court, the bounces echoing throughout the Cowan Spectrum. The guard looks to her right and passes the ball to her teammate Taylor Pierce, who connects on a long range 3-pointer to increase the Vandal lead over rival Montana. This impressive shot attempt is met with half-hearted clapping

A head start on health — Students should start thinking about their health 02.04.2016

Today is National Wear Red Day, which recognizes that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the world. Until recently, many people didn’t know that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women, but according to the American Heart Association it kills one out of three women each year. Heart

The key to healthy sex — There’s more to worry about than the awkward moments 02.04.2016

When it comes to a healthy sex life, there is more to worry about than awkward moments or an unplanned pregnancy. Half of all sexually active young people in the United States will get a sexually transmitted infection (STI) by the time they are 25, and most won’t even know it. According to the latest

Dumb and dumber — Sarah Palin gives moving speech about American politics and Donald Trump 02.01.2016

If you thought the 2016 presidential campaigns couldn’t get any more horrific, you’re in for a rude awakening. That’s right, good ole Donald Trump decided to bring out the big guns when he welcomed Sarah Palin to the stage during a speech in Iowa. Maybe she truly believes Trump is going to be the next

Ode to Donald Trump — Trump’s presidential campaign has unexpected results 02.01.2016

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign came as a blessing to many late night talk show hosts, but believe it or not, Trump is actually doing some good for American politics as well. Obviously he’s not making the impact he’s intending to make because he has no self-awareness whatsoever. But, he’s certainly not a conventional presidential candidate

Freezing the fear — Proposed tuition lock provides a temporary fix for rising cost of tuition 02.01.2016

One of the greatest challenges many college students face is finding a way to fund their education. Students often enter college paying a manageable tuition rate, but find that a couple of years down the road they have to pay far more to go to school than when they first began. Whether a student is

Let your ducks wander — Becoming an adult isn’t as scary as society makes it out to be 01.28.2016

About a month ago, I said goodbye to a friend who graduated at the end of fall semester. Although we hadn’t known each other for long, she quickly became a consistent and important person in my life. As I watched her prepare for her new life with a full-time job across the country, I was

Person first, student second — Students should embrace who they are outside of their education 01.28.2016

Everybody has titles. Whether pertaining to their jobs, relationship status, whatever — a title reflects how someone allocates their time and demonstrates who they are as a person. Some might argue that my most important title at this point in my life would be “student.” I disagree. I am a writer. As an English major

Emphasis on inequality — Garza’s speech prompts further analysis of forces behind racism 01.28.2016

Black Lives Matter answers a question of emphasis — with so many worthy causes, what deserves attention? Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, explained why she emphasizes black lives during the University of Idaho’s celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In her keynote address, she affirmed that all lives matter —

Moscow’s fresh face — New businesses cater to younger Moscow population 01.28.2016

Moscow’s Main Street has new additions every year. Most of the new shops and restaurants show that the Moscow business scene is embracing college students as primary consumers. College students tend to be trend setters, and Moscow’s restaurant market is developing to match student preferences. In recent years, popular trends have shifted away from cheap,

The need for ISEMs — ISEM 301 courses teach students valuable skills for life after college 01.25.2016

General education is at the heart of the undergraduate experience at the University of Idaho. It brings together almost all students, regardless of major, regularly during their time on campus, and is designed to lay a foundation for lifetime learning. As director of General Education, I read with interest Claire Whitley’s Friday column, “Waste of

Bring back the brew — Sisters’ Brew Coffee House will be dearly missed 01.25.2016

During my first semester at the University of Idaho I discovered the wonder of Sisters’ Brew Coffee House. I admired the friendly employees and the amazing coffee, and I coped with the long hike up to the Administration Building whenever I needed to get my caffeine fix. At the beginning of this semester, I made

Abroad perspective — Studying abroad can enhance students’ college experiences 01.25.2016

College — four short years — is supposed to be the best days of our lives. There is a multitude of ways to make college a time to remember. Some students choose to spend their college careers being active in campus organizations and in their communities. Some go Greek, some live on campus and some

The only Fisher in the sea — A tribute to a worthy celebrity girl crush 01.21.2016

I know that the “Star Wars” hype is getting old and people are probably sick of it by now. Sorry, but I’m totally not sick yet. Despite being strongly against the creation of endless prequels and sequels, I will go see every new “Star Wars” movie the Disney conglomerate produces. I will mainly go for

Greek Speak: Dropping the pin — Understanding why Greek members drop pin 01.21.2016

After going through recruitment, multiple socials and other crazy bonding moments with members of a fraternity or sorority, when a member drops pin it can come as a shock to everyone. When someone “drops pin” they end their commitment and relationship to their fraternity or sorority and actually return their pin, which acts as a

Ode to friends in classes — Having friends in college courses improves the learning environment 01.21.2016

High school teachers tend to discourage socializing among the students in their classes — the groups of rowdy teens sitting in the back row seem to be the bane of their very existence. These teachers just don’t want a bunch of teenagers talking with their friends while they try to do their job, and that’s

Satire, Sarcasm and Sass: Waste of time — Integrated seminars are useless to students and professors 01.21.2016

During college, most students have to sit through some pointless classes unrelated to their majors. It is just a part of the college experience to fill general education credits that are outside of their chosen field of study. However, at the University of Idaho, students have a large variety of classes to choose from when

An amnesty need — Medical amnesty could help save lives throughout Idaho 01.21.2016

Members of ASUI have a lot on their plate this semester based on what they hope to accomplish. While the Idaho legislature is in session, ASUI lobbyist Nate Fisher will represent the University of Idaho student body while working with legislators. He will also attempt to push a bill through the legislature that would grant

Flu season upon us — Flu vaccine is the No. 1 way to prevent the flu 01.19.2016

Think it’s too late to get your annual flu shot? Think again. Active flu season usually begins in October, then peaks in January or February and runs until as late as May. Across the United States, millions of people experience fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches, fatigue and miserable days spent

Getting your money’s worth — Bob’s Place must provide better dining options for students 01.19.2016

At times, the dining options provided at Bob’s Place on campus are great, but more often than not, students leave feeling hungry and ripped off. Ask any student that has been living with a meal plan what they think of Bob’s and they will undoubtedly have a list of complaints. The drink machines are never

Find your happiness — UI is doing what it can to encourage education throughout the state 01.19.2016

For some students, college wasn’t an option — pursuing a higher education was a certain and critical part of their future. But for others, college wasn’t an option. It was a dream — an almost improbable reality they had to struggle to achieve. Some students never thought about college and never will. Not every student

Detaching the digital limb — While cellphones are great tools, limiting screen time is worthwhile 01.14.2016

Millennials are often the victims of gross generalizations, most of which are disheartening because they only apply to a small portion of the teenage and 20-something population and happen to make the rest of us look bad. Still, one Millennial stereotype is hard to dispute because it is glaringly present — we are glued to

Day for reflection — MLK day isn’t just a day off, it’s a day for reflection 01.14.2016

The first three days of the spring semester are followed by the first three-day weekend of the semester. While many students look forward to the long weekend for relaxation purposes, Martin Luther King Jr. Day shouldn’t just be viewed as a convenient day off. People should think about what MLK stood for and how it

Satire, Sarcasm and Sass: Breakable resolve — New year’s resolutions are the first thing to break in early months 01.14.2016

It is 15 days into 2016 and new year’s resolutions have swarmed throughout innocent and optimistic citizens across the world. By now, most of these resolutions also lay broken and wasted. That’s right. But not to worry, there is always next year. What if there isn’t a next year though? The world has lived past

Taming a noisy mind — Taking charge of wandering thoughts is key to making the most of day-to-day life 01.14.2016

Don’t think about white bears. Often, when people hear that they can’t resist thinking about white bears. Our minds are unruly like that. Scientists estimate that our minds spin out 50-70,000 thoughts per day. They range from the sublime to the preposterous. Sometimes, I amuse myself by repeating my thoughts out loud for a minute