Demystifying the gender gap — Researchers explore why more women go to college than men 02.04.2016

Fifty-three percent of Idaho women go on to pursue higher education immediately after high school, compared to only 38 percent of Idaho men, according to a study produced late last year. The study, commissioned by the University of Idaho McClure Center for Public Policy Research said that while this gender gap isn’t unique to Idaho,

The fault in CO2 emissions — Researchers analyze CO2 emissions from East African fault line 02.01.2016

Eastern Africa is one of the most volcanically active regions of the world. However, James Muirhead, a University of Idaho geology doctoral student, and Hyunwoo Lee, a University of New Mexico Ph.D candidate, were more interested with what was going on under the ground. That’s why Muirhead and Lee set their sights on the East

The first of its kind — Climate research projects higher temperatures for PNW 01.25.2016

It’s July. The sky is blue and the rolling hills of the Palouse contrast a vibrant green. In the sweltering heat of summer, a bead of sweat rolls down the forehead of a farmer. He must wonder if it’s actually getting warmer, or if it’s just his imagination. Local researchers believe they have answered that

Dealing with decline — Idaho experiences dip in agricultural revenue 01.19.2016

Many businesses move in cyclical patterns, with periods of highs and lows, of growth and stagnation. The agriculture industry is no exception. After five straight years of revenue increases in Idaho farm cash receipts, Garth Taylor, University of Idaho professor of agricultural economics, said farm cash receipts for the state of Idaho in 2015 are

Life after high school — UI study highlights causes of Idaho’s low go-on rates 01.19.2016

It can be a tall order to ask educated youth to pursue higher education in a state with one of the lowest national go-on rates. That’s why University of Idaho President Chuck Staben commissioned a study to better understand why Idaho students aren’t pursuing higher education. The UI McClure Center for Public Policy Research released

Continuing learning opportunities — Idaho received EPA grant to continue science project 01.05.2016

“Confluence” refers to the merging of two rivers. According to Brant Miller, the University of Idaho professor spearheading the Confluence Project, that name was chosen for the intersectional nature of the project. “The Confluence Project essentially is the model for graduate students to support local high schools to take students in the field to learn

Training the trainers — Dept. of Agriculture grant funds food safety training 11.09.2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently awarded the University of Idaho with a $1.2 million federal grant for its Food Safety Center, which will go toward education for food producers about safe practices. Barbara Petty, interim UI Extension director, said the grant comes from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), part of the

Nuclear education — UI one of 15 universities receiving grant to aid young nuclear engineering program 10.29.2015

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently awarded the University of Idaho with a grant totaling $434,048 to encourage the growth of nuclear engineering and community education. College of Engineering Professor Vivek Utgikar said the NRC grant also aims to help younger faculty by providing support for their research and teaching activities so that they can better

Papers and potential — UI is exploring new strategies to improve writing papers 09.28.2015

As part of University of Idaho’s new planning strategy, Brad Fenwick, vice president of Global Strategic Alliances with Elsevier, conducted a study on the university’s success in regards to writing research papers. The purpose of the study was to find the university’s strong points, where it is not doing as well and how it can

Tribes generate revenue — Study finds Idaho tribes are economic powerhouse 09.04.2015

In Idaho communities adjacent to tribal lands, University of Idaho Economics Professor Steve Peterson said he sees plenty of partnership opportunities between the two groups. Often, Peterson said, communities don’t think to partner with the tribe. “I ask, ‘Why don’t you just partner with the tribe?’ And they say ‘Oh, we never thought about it,’”

Fulbright Gateway Orientation brings international students, scholars to Moscow 09.04.2015

Khalid Shalan started researching opportunities to study abroad when he could not find proper facilities for his research in his home country of Egypt. After contacting international professors to find the necessary equipment, he came across the Fulbright Program. “I really appreciate the fact that this is program was made with the intention of avoiding

Brief: Soil chemistry textbook updated, cheaper 07.21.2015

Thanks to the work of University of Idaho professor for Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences department Daniel Strawn, undergraduate students of soil science have a rare privilege. The fourth and newest edition of their textbook “Soil Chemistry” will be available at a cheaper price than older versions of the book. The update comes 14 years

Definitely not Nessie 07.21.2015

UI graduate student researches migration of Amazonian catfish After studying abroad in Brazil and being enthralled by the wildlife and culture that exists there, University of Idaho doctoral candidate Jens Hegg knew he had to return to the Amazon again someday. “I’ve always wanted to go to the jungle,” Hegg said. Hegg said he was

An eye for engineering 05.04.2015

Students showcase capstone projects in 22nd annual Engineering EXPO The University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Team won big Friday at the 22nd annual Engineering and Design EXPO, the longest running student engineering showcase in the Northwest that features senior engineering capstone projects. “It’s a great opportunity for engineers of all sorts, and I would just

Eliminating waste water 04.06.2015

Funding from Idaho enables further research into new wastewater treatment technology Researchers from the University of Idaho recently received $427,000 from the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission to test the feasibility of the latest version of a water treatment process called Nutrient, Energy, Water (N-E-W) Tech. “What we did is we looked at nature and said

Deforestation takes root in the Philippines 03.09.2015

UI researchers aid Philippinesin service learning trip There is strength in asking for help, and after regaining contact with an old friend, a Moscow resident learned help was needed across the Pacific Ocean. Loreca Stauber and her friend, now the leader of the Socio-Economic and Gender Advocacy Association in the Philippines, said there are several

Dollars for diversity 09.25.2014

UI awarded grant to support Native American grad STEM students The University of Idaho College of Graduate Studies has been awarded nearly $600,000 to support the recruitment of American Indian and Alaskan Native graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (or STEM) programs.

On to the Bar — Graduating Law student reflects on his time at UI 05.08.2014

For third-year University of Idaho law student, Austin Beaumont, the idea of being involved in something that truly appeals to him is the reason he applied to UI Law.

BPA exposure affects fetal heart — Monkeys used in UI study of BPA testing 04.28.2014

A University of Idaho researcher reported bisphenol A or BPA, induced changes in the fetal heart development of rhesus monkeys.

Waters of the West — Two University of Idaho students win Avista scholarship for research 02.10.2014

Two University of Idaho students have been selected for the 2014 Avista-Waters of the West Scholarship, an interdisciplinary scholarship program funded by Avista Utilities and offered through the UI Environmental Science and Water Resource Programs.

The science of Shreeve 01.30.2014

Hired in 1961, Jean’ne Shreeve, university distinguished professor and research faculty in the Department of Chemistry, has worked at University of Idaho longer than any other faculty member.

UI professor rocks geology world 01.29.2014

Dennis Geist, University of Idaho geology professor since 1990, has been working in the Galapagos Islands for the entirety of his 30-year career.

Beetle-killed biofuel to innovation University of Idaho researchers and their partners seek to create renewable biofuel from beetle-killed trees 11.14.2013

Efforts to discover and utilize renewable energy have been increasing in the last few years, creating opportunities around the nation, said Jay O’Laughlin, professor in the College of Natural Resources.

Expanding research opportunities — IRIC aims to create an integrated research laboratory, provide space 10.17.2013

Students, staff and professors got a first look at architecture and design plans for the new Integrated Research Innovation Center at an open house design forum, Wednesday.

GPSA President Kate Cobb begins her second term 09.09.2013

The beginning of a new school year brought responsibilities for Kate Cobb, the president of the Graduate & Professional Student Association.