Dusting off democracy: Local students speak out on national politics 04.28.2016

As a left-leaning city in a traditionally red state, Moscow is a fascinating place to be politically active, said ASUI Director of Policy Nick Wren. “When you go to college you always hear people say, ‘Oh, universities are massively liberal,’ but I think that takes more of a spin at an Idaho university,” Wren said.

UI celebrates Open Education Week as movement to adopt open resources picks up pace 04.21.2016

With the beginning of every new semester, one thing never seems to change — college textbooks are expensive, heavy, mostly required and often useless. At the University of Idaho, many are trying to do their part to ease that burden and Open Education Week is an attempt to demonstrate that. ASUI President Max Cowan said

TedxUIdaho has diverse morning session on kindness, the pursuit of excellence 04.14.2016

Students and community members gathered Saturday morning to hear what their peers and neighbors had to say as part of the student-led TedxUIdaho, licensed by Ted Talks. The first speaker of the morning, Jamie Derrick, a UI professor of psychology and communication studies, took the stage to talk about “A Kindness Revolution.” “As a psychologist,

Students encouraged to express appreciation for faculty, staff 04.11.2016

Four years ago, James Brownson, the University of Idaho director of annual giving, realized that while there was an event where students could thank scholarship and grant donors, nothing similar existed for UI’s faculty and staff. “We were looking at ways to say thanks to faculty and staff for everything they do for the university

Peaceful planting — Chance encounters ignite conversation of sustainability 04.07.2016

Anthony Davis, director of the Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling research at the University of Idaho, said after several chance encounters with Emmanuel Stefanakis, he knew they were meant to work together. Davis said the two met on a flight to Haiti, where they were both leading projects to promote sustainability. They remained in

TEDxUIdaho to showcase local ideas 04.07.2016

If University Freshman Kyle Morgan had to decide on one thing to be passionate about, he would have a difficult time deciding between helping others and building computer software. Morgan is not one of the 20 community members speaking at TEDxUIdaho Saturday. He has, however, played an instrumental role in making the event happen. “I’m the

Bblearn discussion moves forward in Faculty Senate 03.31.2016

ASUI Faculty Senate Representative Lindsey LaPrath stood before Faculty Senate this week, prepared to review the resolution she had first proposed months before. The ASUI Representative first presented the issue to Faculty Senate several months ago. The proposed legislation would mandate all instructors post grades to the University of Idaho Blackboard Learn site (Bblearn) to

The 17th annual Tutxinmepu Powwow provides music, dance and a sense of community 03.31.2016

As the population of Native American students at the University of Idaho began to grow, they recognized the need for a celebration of their culture. Sydel Samuels, director of the Native American Center, said that’s what makes the 17th annual Tutxinmepu Powwow so special — that it was not only started by students, but that

Lavender Graduation recognizes the achievements of UI’s LGBTQA students 03.31.2016

When it comes to the University of Idaho Lavender Graduation, an event to celebrate soon to be LGBTQA graduates, LGBTQA Center Director Julia Keleher said she likes to stick to tradition. “I like to keep it the same,” Keleher said. “I think that tradition is important. I still give everyone their boutonniere, that’s what started

One inch at a time — Greek Week speaker encourages students to pursue an authentic life 03.31.2016

The roar of student voices echoed through the International Ballroom as more and more students filtered in and took their seats for the University of Idaho Greek Week State of the Union Address. Nearly 700 students listened to Corey Ciocchetti, a business ethics and legal studies professor at the University of Denver, encourage them to

Teaching vulnerability — UI Head of Acting helps students explore who they are on the stage 03.21.2016

In an acting class during her sophomore year of college, University of Idaho alumna Park Williams learned the meaning of life from Kelly Quinnett. Williams said the acting professor sat in a circle with her students and pondered the human fascination with the meaning of life before providing an answer of her own. “She put

Chalked hands and challenges — The Palouse Climbing Festival brings together schools across the Northwest 03.07.2016

The Student Recreation Center became a hotspot for camaraderie and collaboration Saturday, at the University of Idaho’s annual Palouse Climbing Festival. Students from across the Northwest gathered in the SRC Climbing Center to watch peers with chalk hand prints patterned on their pants climb various routes without a harness. On one of the four rock

Reconciling beliefs — ‘Why Are We Here?’ event asks the big questions 03.07.2016

Determining the meaning of life is a difficult task, but discussing your beliefs with someone who disagrees with you can be even harder. An atheist philosopher and a Christian chemist did just that Thursday in the Idaho Commons. At the event, titled “Why are we here?” and mediated by New Saint Andrews College philosophy teacher

Life lessons from a man with a plan — DESL speaker said anyone can attain success 03.07.2016

Success comes from five key points, Maurice Petty told young engineers Thursday — planning, leadership, attitude, risks and belief. “I’ve always had a plan,” Petty said. “But that plan will change when the next opportunity comes.” Petty, the director of New Services, Global Business Unit at Hewlett Packard, was the speaker at the ninth annual

Perseverance and policy — Best-selling author Paul Loeb visits campus to address student engagement, social change 03.03.2016

In a time when so many young people are grappling with the current political scene of the United States, best-selling author Paul Loeb strives to encourage these young people to have a voice — to talk about the issues, he said, rather than the candidates’ hair. Loeb, who is currently a Seattle-based Huffington Post blogger,

More harm than good — Campus-Community Coalition finds no pros for making UI residences alcohol-free 02.29.2016

At the request of Vice Provost for Student Affairs Jean Kim, who heads the Student Life Task Force, the Campus-Community Coalition discussed the pros and cons for making University of Idaho residencies alcohol-free at a meeting Thursday. The coalition, however, did not find any pros. Sharon Fritz, from the Counseling and Testing Center, said Kim

Turning the page — Local used bookstore moves to new Main Street location 02.25.2016

Scott Janke often says that though he loves books, he loves people who love books even more. Janke said it had been his life-long dream to own a bookstore of his own. Early in their relationship, it was a date-night tradition for him and his wife, Leah, to buy pizza, rent a movie and spend

Conversing constituents — Campus Conversations discuss the importance of political involvement 02.22.2016

At the Campus Conversation Thursday, University of Idaho political science professor Juliet Carlisle said the Electoral College is like a platypus. “It’s sort of an anomaly,” she said. “Every time you look at it you see something different.” Carlisle was invited to the Campus Conversation to discuss common misconceptions within the U.S. political system with

Cents for sense — Barista tips fund student scholarships at VandalStore 02.18.2016

The tip jar at the VandalStore Starbucks serves a different purpose than most. Tips there are accumulated and placed into a scholarship fund for VandalStore employees. Keith McIver, VandalStore sales manager, said because of the federal funding the University of Idaho receives, it is not allowed to collect tips in the traditional sense. “It’s really

For the long haul — Graduate students research first-generation college students 02.11.2016

Students are used to being asked why they selected their university, but 48 students were recently asked why they decided to stay. Students in a graduate-level qualitative research class during fall term set out to find out what made first generation students persist to their junior and senior year of college after they decided to

Utilizing a natural resource — Speaker series aims to enrich fish and wildlife students 02.11.2016

Three semesters ago, the newly-appointed Fish and Wildlife Sciences Department Head Lisette Waits wanted to give students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. That’s why she implemented a speaker series that brought fish and wildlife professionals to the University of Idaho campus. “It’s really important for our students and our faculty to have this opportunity

A local treasure lives on — Howard Hughes Video is transitioning into a cooperatively-owned business 02.04.2016

Howard Hughes Video is a rarity to Moscow, with the disappearance of similar stores over the years. Yet for over 20 years, the film-loving community members of Moscow have rented movies from the Main Street video store. Early last year, however, the owners decided it was time to move on. Yet current manager Ian Pannkuk

Wearing red to fight heart disease — Alpha Phi’s Take it to Heart Week raises awareness of women’s heart health 02.04.2016

University of Idaho freshman Emily Pinkney lost one of her best friends to heart disease a few years ago. She said that’s why when she saw the passion the women of Alpha Phi had for their philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation for women’s heart health, her decision to rush the house was easy. “I had

Weighing their options — Career Center focuses on producing capable, employable students 02.01.2016

On the third floor of the Idaho Commons, past a dimly lit hallway in a back corner, administrators at the Career Center at the University of Idaho work daily to organize events, seminars and projects with the goal of helping UI students do what they came here to do: find a job after college. “I

A different worldview — Study Abroad Fair opens students’ eyes to options for going abroad 01.28.2016

Tan Jezz traveled over 8,000 miles in order to participate in the University of Idaho’s study abroad program. She said she transferred to the University of Idaho from Malaysia in hopes of studying abroad. “It’s easier access to go through the states first,” Jezz said. Jezz is a junior majoring in Spanish, and said she