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Taking temperatures — Climate change addressed by science, also humanities and arts

07.22.2014 – 8:47 pm |

Climate change isn’t just for climatologists anymore — a $20 million grant is funding the study of local agriculture, the Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH) Coordinated Agricultural Project, brings together three universities and numerous …

What makes a house a home – For Delta Zeta sisters, their home away from home finally gets a house

06.24.2014 – 8:03 pm |

When Page King came to college, she was not going to be a sorority girl. 

Gun task force still working — Gun task force expects initial implementation policy before new legislation goes into effect

05.08.2014 – 9:38 pm |

The newly formed University of Idaho Gun Legislation Potential Impacts Task Force is working toward a comprehensive policy proposatl regarding the possession of firearms on university property.
UI President Chuck Staben announced the formation of the …

Voltz n’ Boltz — Engineering team takes top spot in Formula Hybrid competition

05.08.2014 – 9:31 pm |

It’s not often that a public university can say they’ve defeated Ivy League schools, such Yale and Dartmouth, in anything pertaining to academics. But that’s exactly what a group of University of Idaho students and …

Greek experience — Multicultural Greek senior reflects on leadership, experience

05.08.2014 – 8:39 pm | One Comment

For Greek students, the end of school means an end to the time they’ve spent with their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. For Miguel Vasquez, reflection on his time with Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity leads …

BPA exposure affects fetal heart — Monkeys used in UI study of BPA testing

04.28.2014 – 9:40 pm | 3 Comments

A University of Idaho researcher reported bisphenol A or BPA, induced changes in the fetal heart development of rhesus monkeys.

Memories of Minidoka — Photojournalist Teresa Tamura visits campus, presents stories of Japanese internment

04.28.2014 – 9:35 pm |

Robert “Bob” Sato was 16 when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and shortly thereafter, Executive Order 9066 was signed into action. 

ASB trips restructured — Changes made to ASB trips to encourage student involvement

04.24.2014 – 10:02 pm |

ASB Volunteer Coordinator Natalie Magnus believes any student who wants to take a service trip should be given the opportunity. That’s why, Magnus said, the ASB service trips had to be changed.

Waste not, want not

04.21.2014 – 9:27 pm |

The Theophilus Tower lawn has been littered with hundreds of bins and tables in August, for the past five years. 

Welcoming future Vandals — Future students learn more about involvement opportunities on campus

04.21.2014 – 9:13 pm |

Future University of Idaho students had a chance to experience campus life for a day or two at Vandal Friday last week.

Clear lines aren’t blurred — Violence Prevention Programs recognize Denim Day on campus

04.21.2014 – 9:09 pm |

In 1997 Italy, a young woman was raped by her 45-year-old driving instructor. The rapist was convicted and sent to prison. But when he appealed his case, the Italian Supreme Court overturned his conviction because …

Purple pride — Lavender Graduation celebrates the accomplishments of LGBTQA community

04.21.2014 – 9:07 pm |

Julia Keleher, LGBTQA office coordinator, makes it a priority to recognize the accomplishments of LGBTQA students at the University of Idaho. 

Working on sustainability

04.21.2014 – 8:59 pm |

Brita Olson can be found every Saturday morning throwing axes, chucking logs and slicing away pieces of a log with a crosscut saw.

Stop and stare — Violence Prevention Programs shed light on interpersonal violence

04.17.2014 – 8:56 pm |

Virginia Solan is in a lifelong battle against interpersonal violence, which she fulfills as the coordinator for Violence Prevention Programs at the University of Idaho.

A necessary evil — Security expert speaks about the need for intelligence agencies despite negative coverage

04.17.2014 – 8:51 pm |

Global security expert, Frederick Flietz, began his speech — “Spying and Leaks at Home and Abroad: The NSA, CIA, and Edward Snowden” — by refusing to reveal any information not previously leaked by Edward Snowden.

Democrats, Young and Old — Idaho Democratic Representatives give presentations at UI

04.17.2014 – 7:25 pm |

Two of Idaho’s state Democratic representatives paid visited UI campus Wednesday to give an update on different policies confronted by the Idaho House of Representatives that they found to be controversial.

Studying beginnings of print — UI Special Collections and Archives head Garth Reese selected for academic seminar

04.14.2014 – 9:24 pm |

Garth Reese, head of special collections at the University of Idaho Library, was selected to be a participant in an academic seminar hosted by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) this summer.

A year-long ordeal — Students, faculty discuss common misconceptions of sexual assault

04.03.2014 – 9:00 pm | One Comment

Virginia Solan, University of Idaho Violence Prevention Programs coordinator, works year-round to fight for victims of sexual assault. 

Great shells of fire — UI’s oldest philanthropy, Turtle Derby, hosted by Phi Delta Theta this weekend

04.03.2014 – 8:57 pm | 5 Comments

It’s usually the story of the tortoise and the hare, but for one University of Idaho fraternity, it’s a story about a tortoise and more tortoises.

In the name of Virginia Wolf — Students, faculty and community recognized for their actions toward women’s rights

03.31.2014 – 8:43 pm | 2 Comments

To honor the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Conciliation Agreement, the University of Idaho Women’s Center will hold a celebration merged with their annual Virginia Wolf Awards ceremony from 12-2 p.m. in the …

Syringa fight continues — Poverty on the Palouse meeting covers Syringa issues, lawsuits filed against owner Magar

03.31.2014 – 8:41 pm |

As the issues facing Syringa Mobile Home Park’s owner and residents continue, a Poverty on the Palouse forum was held Wednesday to update the public on how various organizations were approaching Syringa.

Meet a resident assistant – Three resident assistants share their experience about their everyday job

03.27.2014 – 9:49 pm |

Resident assistants are more than just students with an authoritative title. RAs are friends, mentors and above all else, students, said current RAs Jose Arujo and Ryan Kennelly. Araujo said RAs exist to provide a secure …

Friendships, memories, service

03.27.2014 – 9:11 pm |

Nine teams of University of Idaho students traveled to five states during spring break to give back to communities through the Alternative Service Break (ASB) program.

UI waste management success

03.24.2014 – 8:47 pm | One Comment

The University of Idaho recently implemented a new tow unit and compactor system for dealing with municipal solid waste  — everyday items disposed by the public — and has managed to save more than $52,000 …

Mapping Idaho — Statewide geological map sent to Idaho schools as learning resource

03.24.2014 – 8:44 pm |

When the Idaho Geological Survey released a new geologic map of Idaho in 2012, it concluded a decade of work for the department.

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