Rethinking redistricting — ASUI senators decide fate on the redistricting resolution 02.04.2016

After months of discussion, the proposed ASUI redistricting resolution culminated in a lively debate and a 6-6 vote. Without the majority vote needed, the resolution failed. Resolution S16-01 would change the redistricting aspect of ASUI from organizing by living groups to dividing representation among the colleges. ASUI senators debated the bill for 15 minutes before

Students on the issues — Students speak to state lawmakers about concerns, goals for UI 02.01.2016

It’s not too often students get the chance to discuss important matters directly with state lawmakers — yet last week, 27 University of Idaho students traveled to Boise for the Legislative Luncheon to do just that. The Legislative Ambassador program’s main event was the Legislative Luncheon on Wednesday, in which students met with legislators and

Picking an ASUI pro tempore — Rachael Miller elected ASUI senate president pro tempore 01.28.2016

Spring semester entails many changes for students, including a newly-elected president pro tempore of the ASUI Senate. Senate elected former ASUI Sen. Rachael Miller as the spring 2016 pro tempore at last week’s Wednesday meeting. As pro tempore, Miller will assist ASUI Vice President Stetson Holman in running the ASUI senate. Miller, who has been

Thinking affordable — Cowan talks student fees, open textbooks 01.21.2016

When it comes to student fees, ASUI President Max Cowan said students want to know where their money is going. Technically, that information can be accessed — but that doesn’t mean it’s accessible, Cowan said. Cowan said he wants to make that information readily available to any student who wants to know. “And when I

The final countdown — ASUI president and vice president set goals for their last semester 01.14.2016

ASUI President Max Cowan isn’t so concerned with how he will be remembered after he graduates. “I’m more concerned about are we doing what’s best for the students right here right now,” Cowan said. Last semester Cowan entered his second non-consecutive year as president after spending the previous year as ASUI senate adjutant. Though he

Safe rides for students — ASUI passes bill to fund taxi service on trial basis 12.10.2015

ASUI Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would pay for a trial run of a free weekend taxi service for students. The bill allocates $720 from the senate budget to pay for two taxis to run from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. the Friday and Saturday after the first week of classes next semester. The

Preparing priorities — UI lobbyist plans to push for CCI, WWAMI program funding increase 12.10.2015

Less than a year ago the University of Idaho began tackling important issues in the Idaho Legislature. Although the priorities of the university are fairly similar to the prior legislative session, UI Government Affairs Director Joe Stegner said they are just as critical to address. With the next legislative session just around the corner, Stegner

A grade inconvience — Faculty Senate gives input on ASUI grading resolution 12.10.2015

Grades can impact students’ lives years after they graduate college. “This is something that’s near and dear to students’ hearts,” said ASUI Representative Lindsey LaPrath, speaking at Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting. “Grades affect us in a big way, even after we leave.” At the final Faculty Senate meeting of the fall semester, LaPrath presented a

A proposition to post — ASUI to present grade posting resolution to Faculty Senate 12.07.2015

With final exams coming up, having access to updated grades online can be one of the most important resources for a student, said ASUI Sen. Rachael Miller. Lindsey LaPrath, an ASUI representative on Faculty Senate, said she expects Faculty Senate to be receptive and willing to work with them when she presents ASUI’s resolution Tuesday,

Alone in the crowd — Many students of color feel unwelcome at UI 12.03.2015

ASUI Director of Diversity Izaiah Dolezal has moved around a lot. Among the places he’s called home are Atlanta; Chicago; Cape Town, South Africa; and now Moscow. Dolezal said there’s much he has learned from seeing so many different people and their interactions with one another. While racism is a minor element, one of his

Impeding reports or promoting safety — ASUI votes on U.S. Safe Campus Act resolution 12.03.2015

ASUI will join student governments and Greek houses across the country in taking a stance on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. Introduced earlier this year, the U.S. Senate bill would require students to report sexual assaults to the police before the university could take any action, among other measures addressing sexual assault cases. “I

ASUI Senate election draws record turnout 11.30.2015

ASUI Sen. Cruz Botello and running mate Rachael Miller will continue their presence on ASUI Senate, along with five other candidates elected Nov. 18. The running mates took the first two spots in the election, with Botello receiving 542 votes and Miller receiving 470 votes. Along with Botello and Miller, University of Idaho students elected

Students race to represent — ASUI works to increase fall election turnout 11.16.2015

University of Idaho students took to the polls Monday to decide on seven ASUI Senate seats. Elections opened Monday and will stay open until 5 p.m. Wednesday. Students will receive one email with a link to the ballot each day they do not vote during the 3-day voting period. ASUI President Max Cowan said voting

ASUI Senate Candidates 11.16.2015

James Howard — Freshman, on-campus, Business and Economics My name is James Howard. I’m a freshman majoring in business and economics. I grew up in Fruitland, Idaho, and graduated from high school in 2013. I spent two years traveling to the Philippines and working, then decided it was time for college. I currently reside in

Reinstating WUE not on the table 11.12.2015

With low tuition in Washington, WUE is not likely to return to UI The University of Idaho discontinued the majority of its participation in the Western Undergraduate Exchange in 2011, and will not offer full WUE scholarships anytime soon, according to ASUI Director of Policy Nick Wren. The WUE program offers out-of-state students from a select

Unconscious hostility — Multicultural Affairs plans to work closely with ASUI to address racism at UI 11.03.2015

On the behalf of students of color, Black Student Union President Cynthia Ballesteros and student Chelsea Butler requested greater interaction between the Office of Multicultural Affairs and ASUI last week. The two hope to address what they see as an environment unconsciously hostile toward students of color. Butler, who revived UI’s Black Student Union, said

Funding for student orgs of all kinds — Applications, training deadline approaches for student org funds 10.29.2015

Student organizations looking to receive funding from ASUI have until Nov. 6 at noon to turn in their applications to the ASUI Funding Board. But before applying, students must complete a required training. “I think everyone should be involved,” said Funding Board Chair Claire Holcombe. While Holcombe said the training has been an in-person meeting

ASUI Senate applications due Thursday 10.28.2015

ASUI Senate will continue to accept applications to fill seven open senate seats until 6 p.m., Thursday. ASUI Communications Board Chair Austin Karstetter said they are looking for a pool of at least 15 applicants for seven paid positions to start in January. Voting is Nov. 16-18. Immediately following the Thursday application deadline, ASUI will

One-on-one time — ASUI to pair students with representatives from their home districts 10.26.2015

Whether talking about medical amnesty or college affordability, ASUI legislative ambassadors will aim to create a closer connection between the University of Idaho and Idaho state lawmakers as they head to Boise this spring. ASUI Director of Policy Nick Wren, who is in charge of ASUI’s Legislative Ambassador program, said the program sends a group

ASUI to host Town and Gown Soiree next month 10.22.2015

ASUI President Max Cowan invited members of Moscow City Council to the ASUI Town and Gown Soiree during a city council meeting Monday evening. The ASUI event will be held at 6 p.m. Nov. 5 in the Bruce Pitman Center. “The goal of it is to provide student leaders an opportunity to engage with members

Grades almost in grasp — Students show support for posting grades online 10.22.2015

When it comes to posting grades online, most University of Idaho students would like their instructors to do more. That’s according to an ASUI poll where 94 percent of students said they would find it useful to have more grades posted online. A total of 529 students responded to the poll. ASUI Senator Rachael Miller

Cowan responds to comments — Title IX poll garners high response rate from students 10.12.2015

Following a large number of responses and comments on his poll on Title IX, ASUI President Max Cowan said having a conversation is never offensive. The poll asked students whether they think transcripts should be marked to include that the student was expelled from the University of Idaho, including if the student was expelled due

Support for medical amnesty — ASUI passes resolution in support of lobbying for a medical amnesty bill this spring 10.08.2015

As Senator Joe Madsen introduced a resolution in support of ASUI lobbying for a statewide medical amnesty bill this spring, he said ASUI is now in the big leagues. “We have a great team heading this. This is going to be big,” Madsen said. “I like how it’s stacked with facts.” ASUI unanimously passed the

Always involved 09.28.2015

Mackenzie MacDonald has always been involved. In high school, she took part in two sports, student council and the National Honor Society in High School. Now that she’s at the University of Idaho, the political science major doesn’t plan on stopping that trend. MacDonald, the newest member of the ASUI Senate, sat as a full-fledged

Wren writes resolution— ASUI moves forward on medical amnesty, funds FACES 09.24.2015

A resolution in support of a statewide medical amnesty bill will likely come to the floor of the ASUI Senate next week, said Directory of Policy Nick Wren, who is preparing the resolution. If passed, the resolution would be the next step in ASUI’s push for a statewide law to remove minor consumption and possession