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Campus firearm law – Prep for the coming school year and campus firearms

07.22.2014 – 10:01 pm |

Firearms are allowed on Idaho campuses as of July 1, 2014. Come fall, campus is going to be just the same as it was last spring or the fall before that.

Plan on an increase

07.22.2014 – 9:06 pm |

University of Idaho President Chuck Staben has announced plans to increase enrollment on the Moscow campus from 11,000 to 15,000 students. He said the planned enrollment number is a tentative figure, and he will have to …

Preventing stress

07.22.2014 – 9:02 pm |

Being away from family and moving to a new place can be stressful for first-year students, but there are positive things to do to prevent stress before coming. Carl Dindo, a counselor at the University …

Taking temperatures — Climate change addressed by science, also humanities and arts

07.22.2014 – 8:47 pm |

Climate change isn’t just for climatologists anymore — a $20 million grant is funding the study of local agriculture, the Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH) Coordinated Agricultural Project, brings together three universities and numerous …

New and improved — Providing students a more enjoyable residence hall experience

07.22.2014 – 8:45 pm |

University of Idaho Housing has recently made changes to the way students apply for housing.

New students, new process

07.22.2014 – 8:38 pm |

A new school year is right around the corner. For incoming students, that means New Student Orientation is also just around

Epps dismissed from team

07.21.2014 – 8:51 pm | 3 Comments

After a disappointing 1-11 season last year, Vandal football fans were starting to think the only way to go was up. At least this was the case until Sunday afternoon, when Coach Paul Petrino announced …

Ever hopeful — Girl with spinal muscular atrophy still smiling

07.08.2014 – 7:36 pm | 2 Comments

Aaron Ribble found out just a few months ago, His two-year-old daughter Katie has spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA.

Theater in the castle

07.08.2014 – 7:36 pm |

Meadowinds Castle may not be 800 years old, but theater-lovers will feel like it is when they make the trek out to the rustic venue for the Idaho Repertory Theater’s one-night fundraiser production of “The …

University of Idaho Summer Camps

06.29.2014 – 3:35 am | 3 Comments

The University of Idaho hosts several camps and workshops during the summer, with options that range from sports to science.  Hunter Funk reported on some of the participating groups. 

Moscow World Cup Coverage

06.29.2014 – 3:35 am |

Those watching the World Cup in Moscow can enjoy matches along with the camaraderie of a crowd, the comfort of movie-theater chairs, and the viewing ease of a film screen. Galen May shares the story from …

Idaho icon speaks out – Joe Vandal gives personal interview

06.29.2014 – 3:00 am |

Joe, Idaho’s favorite vandal. He stomps about high-fiving fans, dances like a goof and spreads joy to everyone he greets.

Summer entertainment on campus

06.29.2014 – 2:58 am | One Comment

Although most students are gone, campus is still alive thanks to a summer entertainment series hosted by summer student coordinators.

Summer Skiing Photo Gallery

06.26.2014 – 2:45 pm |

Dems focus on education – Democrats talk about public education

06.24.2014 – 8:06 pm |
Dems focus on education – Democrats talk about  public education

Education was a big topic at the Idaho Democratic State Convention this past weekend, specifically the drive to make it the No. 1 priority in Idaho.

JAMMin’ out – UI high school journalism workshop back for another iteration

06.24.2014 – 8:04 pm |

High school journalism students and teachers will have the rare opportunity to receive guidance from professionals in many different mass media fields at the 2014 University of Idaho Journalism Workshop.

What makes a house a home – For Delta Zeta sisters, their home away from home finally gets a house

06.24.2014 – 8:03 pm |

When Page King came to college, she was not going to be a sorority girl. 

It’s not camping if… – An honest look at a cherished activity

06.24.2014 – 8:01 pm | One Comment

Recently I went “not-camping.” For the uninitiated, “not-camping” is a form of outdoor lodging common in the continental United States. “Not-Camping” happens when modern Americans decide we want to go experience nature.

Idaho State Democratic Convention Photo Gallery

06.22.2014 – 6:41 pm |

Artwalkin’ on sunshine – Moscow’s Artwalk is back for another year

06.17.2014 – 2:05 pm |
Artwalkin’ on sunshine – Moscow’s Artwalk is back for another year

An easy-to-remember date, Friday the 13th, marks the opening ceremonies of the tenth iteration of Moscow’s Artwalk. The event is described by Gina Taruscio, executive director of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, as an amazing …

Artwalk Gallery

06.17.2014 – 2:01 pm |

Republicans resolve – Some pass, some fail

06.17.2014 – 1:03 pm | One Comment

Though the Idaho Republican Party state convention was derailed last week by hours of infighting, the hours before the bickering were spent debating and refining resolutions that were to be reviewed by the general session.

Adventures in your backyard – Fight summer boredom with these adventures

06.10.2014 – 7:42 pm |

Moscow in the summer can feel like a class you showed up too early for. Once-filled dorms are empty, busy walkways are now quiet and the midnight population of Main Street has decreased significantly. As …

Jackhammers all summer long – Construction of $50 million research building to begin

06.10.2014 – 7:24 pm | One Comment

Another construction project is taking place on the University of Idaho campus this summer. Not only are Deakin Street and the College of Education under construction, but a new building is also being added to …

Eight displaced after fire- Building uninhabitable in coming school year

05.30.2014 – 9:34 pm | One Comment

A Campus View Suite building at 1419 W. A St. is heavily damaged after a fire occurred yesterday afternoon.
Moscow Chief of Police David Duke said the call came in at 4:20 yesterday afternoon that a …

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