Speaking out about the Oscars 02.29.2016

Students discussed what they thought about the Oscars. The consensus centered on Leonardo DiCaprio’s award and speech.

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 02.29.2016

The University of Idaho hosted the annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, which featured professionals performing at concerts and instructing workshops. Kathleen Harvey, a UI student and Jazz Fest employee, said the festival is a way to maintain jazz culture in the community by bringing generations together to enjoy jazz music.

Body Positive Week 02.25.2016

University of Idaho spent last week educating students about the revolution for self-love and body acceptance through various events. UI alumna Amy Pence-Brown delivered the keynote speech during Body Positive Week.  

Meaning through Meditation — The University of Idaho Mind program continues to grow 02.04.2016

One of the greatest challenges many college students face is learning to cope with stress. While physical exercise and non-academic hobbies are common strategies for managing stress and other types of negative emotions, University of Idaho Psychology Professor, Jamie Derrick aims to teach students inner peace through different means — mindfulness and meditation. Derrick, who

Building Blocks of UI Woodshop Director 12.09.2015

Jay Pengilly celebrates his 20th anniversary at the University of Idaho as the director of the tech shop.

Homecoming week 2015 10.26.2015

Homecoming Week came to a close Saturday with the Vandal football team beating Louisiana-Monroe 27-13 in front of a homecoming crowd of 14,414.

Africa Night 10.19.2015

The African Student Association hosted Africa Night Oct. 3 in the Bruce Pitman Center International Ballroom. The night is a cultural event that has been going on for many years at the University of Idaho.

Leadership Conference 10.19.2015

Corey Ciocchetti gave an inspirational speech Sept. 23 on the value of life, and how we should live it.

PBS President speaks at KUID’s 50th anniversary celebration 10.19.2015

Paula Kerger delivered a keynote Oct. 9 in honor of the 50th anniversary for Idaho’s first public TV station.

Bryce Erickson after Sept. 29 practice 10.11.2015

Idaho quarterbacks coach Bryce Erickson talks with media after Sept. 29 practice.

Brazilian Carnival, 2015 03.10.2015

  The Brazilian Student Club at the University of Idaho showcased their Brazilian culture at a carnival in the SUB International Ballroom on Thursday. The carnival featured a samba contest and typical Brazilian food.

Petrino — Vandals vs. Trojans 12.02.2014

The University of Idaho football team lost to the Troy University Trojans in a 34-17 defeat Saturday. Head Coach Petrino blamed himself for the loss and said the Vandals played like last year’s team.

Vandal Profiles — Marc LaPointe, Artist 12.02.2014

Studio Art and Design major Marc LaPointe talks about his artistic process and most recent project, which was featured in Ridenbaugh Gallery.  

Vandalizing the Kitchen 11.11.2014

Campus Dietitian Marissa Rudley and Events Coordinator Amaya Amigo discuss the benefits of Vandalizing the Kitchen, a free cooking class designed for students and student budgets.

Angel Flores – Speech highlights 11.07.2014

Inspirational speaker, author and first generation college graduate Angel Flores speaks to faculty and students at the University of Idaho on Oct. 27 about “Inspiring and Supporting Our First-Generation Students.”

Tubaween 2014 11.07.2014

An overview of this year’s Tubaween, an exciting event filled with music, dance and costumes.

KUOI News — September 10, 2014 09.10.2014

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Climbing Meat Mountain –Eating Arby’s Meat Mountain proved a testament of my will 09.08.2014

I’ve never ordered a sandwich where two employees went out of their way to double-check that I had something to wash it down with.

KUOI News — September 8, 2014 09.08.2014

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KUOI News — September 5, 2014 09.05.2014

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KUOI News — September 3rd, 2014 09.03.2014

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KUOI News — May 6th, 2014 05.05.2014

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KUOI News — May 2nd, 2014. 05.01.2014

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