Taking a beat back — A throwback to Jazz Fest through the perspectives of the students who love the celebration 03.03.2016

Hailey Lewis, a University of Idaho senior, first attended the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival as a participant in the Moscow All-City Band in elementary school. Lewis, who is now a site manager of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, said, she participated in jazz band throughout junior high and part of high school. “As elementary school

Unexpected birth fails to stop Daniels, Berroa, Jazz Band 1 02.29.2016

Glancing at the program for the first concert of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, the headliners were obvious: vocalist Dee Daniels, drummer Ignacio Berroa and the Hampton All-Star Trio. But for second-year graduate student Bryce Call, the headliner was the birth of his son. During trumpet warm-ups on Tuesday morning his wife, Jessica, showed signs

The Kauflin Trio played original works and covers during Jazz Festival performance 02.29.2016

Every seat in the University of Idaho Haddock Performance Hall was filled by 7:45 p.m. on the first evening of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Thursday. The Justin Kauflin Trio wasn’t set to go on until 8 p.m. and the crowd, composed of Vandals, visiting schools, alumni and community members, buzzed with excitement. As the

Monty Alexander Trio, Tower of Power brought the house down Friday 02.29.2016

After Monty Alexander Trio left stage to a standing ovation, bassist John Clayton reappeared on stage to introduce Tower of Power Friday night in the Kibbie Dome. “Put your dancing shoes on, folks,” said Clayton, who is also the artistic director of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. “If this doesn’t make your body do something

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 02.29.2016

The University of Idaho hosted the annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, which featured professionals performing at concerts and instructing workshops. Kathleen Harvey, a UI student and Jazz Fest employee, said the festival is a way to maintain jazz culture in the community by bringing generations together to enjoy jazz music.

Bringing a voice to Jazz Festival 02.25.2016

While most performances found at the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival are mostly instrumental, one group is bringing something different to the table — their voices. One of these voices will be Ruben MacKenzie, a senior at the university majoring in music education and a UI Jazz Choir member. MacKenzie said Jazz Fest,

All that jazz — Prairie Youth Choir visits Jazz Fest after standout performance last year 02.25.2016

Laurie Karel grew up in a musical family. She remembered that her parents always sang, and she’s loved to sing as long as she can remember. The University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival also plays a big role in her memories, as she said she’s been visiting Jazz Fest since she joined her high

An instrumental moment — Gregg Miller shares his experience evaluating Jazz Fest performances 02.25.2016

Critics of performances at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival are not called judges. Gregg Miller prefers a less intimidating term instead — Performance Evaluation Clinician (PEC). “Judge has kind of a threatening sound,” Miller said. “We try to encourage and teach rather than pass judgment on people.” Miller has been a PEC for Jazz Fest

Getting jazzed for Jazz Fest — Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival celebrates 49 years of student outreach 02.22.2016

Youth outreach is an important part of almost any major event. Steve Remington, director of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, said the Jazz Fest office realizes this, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to touch the lives of as many kids as possible. Remington is at the forefront of this mission. He

The different daddies 02.22.2016

Established in Eugene, Oregon, and dating back to 1988, The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are an untraditional band that records music in various genres. The group is set to perform at the University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and the band’s lead singer, Steve Perry, shared his experiences with The Argonaut. Argonaut: How did your

Linking music, human rights — Jazz Fest workshop will explore legal foundations as they relate to music worldwide 02.22.2016

International human rights often call to mind marginalized groups, radicalized movements or extreme violence. Jeffrey Dodge, associate dean of the College of Law, said he is hoping to break human rights down to a more foundational level. Dodge will conduct a workshop, “The Relationship Between Music and International Human Rights,” as part of the Lionel

New leadership, same odd jobs — The Night Crew provides volunteers with a quality student experience 02.22.2016

There is no ordinary day for senior Jake Snarr during the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. “They’re all completely different,” Snarr said. “Especially the days when I might have class and I’m running around worrying about a million different things.” As student performance equipment coordinator, Snarr acts as the middle man between festival

Fungi meet the festival — Molecular biologists to host ‘What Might Be Living In My Instrument?’ workshop 02.22.2016

When second year graduate student Theo White was an underclassman in the University of Idaho Marching Band, he said his trombone slide kept binding up. “So I took it apart, and there was this black stuff,” White said. “I thought ‘This doesn’t rust this color. This must be mold.’” White then wiped down the inside

Moving to the music — The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival hosts a wide array of dance workshops 02.22.2016

Every year the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival brings together music lovers from all around. However, the festival is for more than just music buffs. This year, 16 different dance workshops will be offered to those who want to learn to move to the music. A commemorative Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival button is the only purchase

About Jazz Fest — parking, schedule and ticket information 02.22.2016

The first University of Idaho Jazz Festival began in 1967 and has been bringing students, community members and jazz musicians together ever since. While the first festival only consisted of a dozen student groups and one guest artist, the annual UI event quickly took off and began attracting prominent jazz artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald,

An army of 400 volunteers — Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival coordinators continue to seek volunteers 02.11.2016

Every year, Lydia Stucki organizes an army — a formidable force of instrument-toting, taxi-driving, light-and-sound-producing volunteers. Every year, over 400 of them will assemble to make the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival a reality. The 49th annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival will be held Feb. 24-27, and Stucki, the volunteer coordinator for the event, said she

Connecting through music — Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival announces 2016 lineup 11.12.2015

The Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival is not just about the music — it is also about showcasing the community. Steven Remington, festival executive director, said the festival theme for 2016, “Jazz Pathways to Discovery,” refers to the stakeholders of the festival and how the community comes together to create a valuable experience for the

Up all night 02.26.2015

Student volunteer crews build Jazz Fest overnight The energy in the air was palpable as a group of University of Idaho students gathered in a dimly lit, dusty building near campus Tuesday night. The clock read 10:15 p.m. — the night shift had officially begun. Surrounded by drum kits and music stands, the students circled

Ignoring UI students 02.26.2015

Jazz Fest should be more inclusive to regular students While the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival has drawn people from all over the country to Moscow, it isn’t as inclusive to everyone on campus.

Commemorating creativity 02.23.2015

Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival celebrates the essence of music Jazz isn’t just about the music, according to Chloe Rambo, spokeswoman for the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival — it’s about the relationship between the artist and what they are creating.

Flames, flutes, physics 02.23.2015

Jazz Fest workshopdemonstrates thephysics of music Physics professors Christine Berven and Marty Ytreberg are musicians, but they both decided to share their passion for music in a different way for the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival. Using flames to teach the physics of flutes, Berven and Ytreberg will explain the science of sound waves with

Visualizing jazz 02.23.2015

A workshop on jazz and visualimprovisation by Josh Nelson Explore a new world of music with jazz musician Josh Nelson as he demonstrates visual improvisation from “The Discovery Project” and his newly released album, “Exploring Mars.” During the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival, Nelson will host an interactive workshop where music students can experiment with

Lionel’s Legacy 02.23.2015

Doc Skinner remembers long-timefriend Lionel Hampton’s life, legacy A vibraphonist, a bandleader and a mentor to many, Lionel Hampton left a legacy in the jazz community and at the University of Idaho. “Lionel was an incredible man and musician,” said Lynn Doc’ Skinner, who was the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival director for 29 years.

Left out of the history books 02.23.2015

Documentary sheds light on female jazz musicians Director and producer Judy Chaikin got the idea for “The Girls in the Band” from one of her friends, the daughter of a jazz musician. Chaikin, director and a producer of the award-winning documentary, said her friend had met an older woman who claimed to be a professional

Continuing a legacy 02.02.2015

UI to host 47th-annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Smooth tones echo in the hallways of the Lionel Hampton School of Music building as students hone their craft. These students have less than a month to prepare for the opening concert of the nationally renowned Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. The festival is in its 47th year