Funding hope for the homeless — Boise fundraising challenge raises over $317,000 for Idaho nonprofits 01.14.2016

While the holiday season is always a time for charitable giving, it’s also a time when many homeless and low-income families struggle to make it through the bitter cold of winter. Deanna Ward, development director of the Home Partnership Foundation, said that’s what inspired Avenues of Hope, a fundraising challenge held every December by the

Lia Purpura to visit Moscow as part of Distinguished Visiting Writer Series 01.14.2016

As writers, the opportunity to learn from those accomplished in the craft is always welcome. The University of Idaho’s Distinguished Visiting Writer Series provides just that. Director of the M.F.A Creative Writing Program, Bret Shepard, said the Distinguished Visiting Writer Series has been active at UI in one form or another since the 1970s and

Co-creator of the Black Lives Matter hashtag to speak on campus 01.10.2016

Social justice advocate and co-creator of the Black Lives Matter hashtag and movement Alicia Garza will give the Martin Luther King Jr. and Idaho Human Rights Day keynote speech at noon Jan. 15 in the Summit Room on the fourth floor of the Idaho Commons. The event is free and open to the public. In

Continuing learning opportunities — Idaho received EPA grant to continue science project 01.05.2016

“Confluence” refers to the merging of two rivers. According to Brant Miller, the University of Idaho professor spearheading the Confluence Project, that name was chosen for the intersectional nature of the project. “The Confluence Project essentially is the model for graduate students to support local high schools to take students in the field to learn

Realistic resolutions — How to set and actually keep practical New Year’s goals 01.01.2016

New Year’s resolutions are broken more often than most would like to admit. New Year’s resolutions may seem brilliant in the moment, but come March, gym passes go unused, relationships deteriorate and bucket lists remain as long as ever. Oftentimes, the goals people set for themselves at the start of the year fail later on

Connecting a community — New Panhellenic president, Lisa Avila, strives to impact lives in a positive way 12.27.2015

University of Idaho senior Lisa Avila has gone by many titles during her time at the university. The agricultural science, communications and leadership major has served as president for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ambassador team, a recruitment officer for the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and is now the Greek system’s newest Panhellenic

The single life — New Year’s Eve should be a time to reflect, not a time to angst about being single 12.27.2015

New Year’s Eve has had the reputation of being the time of year where dating is under the microscope. Valentine’s Day might be the most conventional romantic holiday, but New Year’s Eve has also come to be a time when relationships are celebrated and glorified. New Year’s Eve has turned from a celebration of another

Argonaut Radio: Dec. 11, 2015 12.11.2015

School choirs from all over the region will gather in the Kibbie Dome Friday to perform in the annual University of Idaho Jazz Choirs Holiday Concert. ASUI Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would pay for a trial run of a free weekend taxi service for students. Idaho men’s basketball won 78-74 against Washington State

Greek Speak: Breaking rank — Greek organizations that stood up to the Safe Campus Act should be applauded 12.10.2015

On Nov. 12, Alpha Phi Sorority made headlines by becoming the first national sorority to publicly not support the Safe Campus Act. The Safe Campus Act is a piece of legislation, supported nationally by many Greek organizations, that if passed would require victims of sexual assault to file a complaint with police before colleges could

Good night and good luck — Time will tell if Staben’s administration will succeed in their goals 12.10.2015

The first time I met University of Idaho President Chuck Staben, he was wearing workout pants and what looked like an old sweatshirt. It was a Sunday — just a day after Staben officially began his tenure as the university’s 18th president. At the time, I was waiting to meet a videographer outside of the

Waging peace — Borah Symposium announces theme, some speakers 12.10.2015

The upcoming Borah Symposium will be unique in more than one way, said Bill Smith, director of the Borah Foundation. In past years, the symposium has reached out to the Moscow community and the University of Idaho campus. And while the outreach remains the same this year, Smith said this year one of the speakers

The slippery slope of winter — A guide to how to stay vertical during the treacherous, icy months of winter 12.10.2015

Moscow’s winter-time weather is a mixed bag of snow, sleet, rain and slush. As the season progresses, the snow continuously melts and freezes over — turning walking paths, parking lots and the ground in general into dangerous, icy wonderland that can bring even the most balanced students to their knees. Many people hug the ground

Santa and sitcoms — The best holiday specials in TV sitcoms 12.10.2015

While the holidays are great, the ways holidays are portrayed in sitcoms is even better. TV shows, especially sitcoms, have this magical ability to take the stress of the holiday season — from obligatory, awkward family get-togethers to gift-buying gaffs — and make it funny. In addition to a good laugh, sitcom holiday specials often

Finding peace through fitness — Fitness programs on campus, like yoga classes, help students de-stress 12.10.2015

As finals week approaches, many students try to do whatever they can to squeeze in some stress relief before exams. For some, that means taking an extra long nap or a Netflix break while others might need the physical intensity of a brisk walk or a trip to the gym. While some students prefer to

Follow these students throughout the year as they encounter the highs and lows of freshman year 12.07.2015

Andrea Falk One semester later Throughout high school, University of Idaho freshman Andrea Falk said music was a central part of her identity. She was good at it, and she loved it — but she wanted to explore. She said she considered taking a gap year to work, or pursue something completely different. After receiving

One semester later — Re-learning a love of music 12.07.2015

When Andrea Falk arrived in Moscow for her first semester at the University of Idaho in August, she knew exactly what she wanted to do — she was going to study cello and vocal performance and be on Broadway. Now, she isn’t so sure. “I used to love practicing. Now I didn’t want to,” Falk

One semester later — Setting priorities 12.07.2015

A semester into his college experience, University of Idaho freshman Luis Lopez is a little sleepy, but still going strong. “I’ve gotten a little bit of sleep,” Lopez said. “I feel like in high school your teachers remind you of stuff, but here you have to be more dependent on yourself, like deadlines and everything.”

One semester later — No place like Ida-home 12.07.2015

University of Idaho freshman Leah Uptmor wants to tell herself from the beginning of the semester good luck. Uptmor, a member of the Kappa Delta sorority, said the beginning of the semester was rough and she now has to buckle down to get the grades she wants. “Test anxiety is a real thing,” Uptmor said

One semester later — ‘Happily chaotic’ 12.07.2015

If there’s one thing Danielle Payne learned this semester, it’s that life moves fast in college. “I would probably describe it as happily chaotic, but I feel like that doesn’t like capture all of it even,” said Payne, a freshman nutrition major at the University of Idaho. In her classes, there’s an essay due almost

Mapping the future of UI — University officials work to develop strategic plan 12.07.2015

Constructing a document designed to guide the University of Idaho for the next 10 years is a great task, but one that is necessary, according to Mary Kay McFadden, vice president of University Advancement. “If you want to have an ambitious and achieving organization, then you have to have a strategic plan and a direction,”

Argonaut Radio: Dec. 4, 2015 12.04.2015

In today’s show we’ve got insight into the feelings of students of color at the University of Idaho, a report on the Idaho Fan Zone and a look at whether or not ASUI will support the Campus Accountability and Safety Act.

Exploring options — Faculty Senate applauds Foisy for talk on employee classification 12.03.2015

Vice President of Finance Brian Foisy doesn’t understand why the University of Idaho has the practices it does for employee classification. “I’m not sure how we got here,” Foisy said at a Faculty Senate meeting Tuesday. “I’m not sure why we do this.” Foisy said he plans to spend the next 9-12 months evaluating UI’s

Alone in the crowd — Many students of color feel unwelcome at UI 12.03.2015

ASUI Director of Diversity Izaiah Dolezal has moved around a lot. Among the places he’s called home are Atlanta; Chicago; Cape Town, South Africa; and now Moscow. Dolezal said there’s much he has learned from seeing so many different people and their interactions with one another. While racism is a minor element, one of his

‘We hear their voices’ — Dozens of demonstrators stand in solidarity with civil rights protesters in Missouri 12.03.2015

In the hours before the public demonstration she helped organize, University of Idaho student Cynthia Ballesteros said she was most apprehensive about potential backlash. She wasn’t the only one. “It’s just a peaceful protest,” UI student Jessy Forsmo-Shadid said as she hurried through the Idaho Commons to the site of the demonstration. “Of all the

Impeding reports or promoting safety — ASUI votes on U.S. Safe Campus Act resolution 12.03.2015

ASUI will join student governments and Greek houses across the country in taking a stance on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. Introduced earlier this year, the U.S. Senate bill would require students to report sexual assaults to the police before the university could take any action, among other measures addressing sexual assault cases. “I