Challenging body norms — A message of self-love and acceptance of body image 02.08.2016

It is time to dispel the myth that there is an ideal body image.  The “ideal” body type portrayed in advertising is possessed naturally by only 5 percent of American females, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). This distorts the most vulnerable minds, as 69 percent of girls in

The key to healthy sex — There’s more to worry about than the awkward moments 02.04.2016

When it comes to a healthy sex life, there is more to worry about than awkward moments or an unplanned pregnancy. Half of all sexually active young people in the United States will get a sexually transmitted infection (STI) by the time they are 25, and most won’t even know it. According to the latest

The need for ISEMs — ISEM 301 courses teach students valuable skills for life after college 01.25.2016

General education is at the heart of the undergraduate experience at the University of Idaho. It brings together almost all students, regardless of major, regularly during their time on campus, and is designed to lay a foundation for lifetime learning. As director of General Education, I read with interest Claire Whitley’s Friday column, “Waste of

Flu season upon us — Flu vaccine is the No. 1 way to prevent the flu 01.19.2016

Think it’s too late to get your annual flu shot? Think again. Active flu season usually begins in October, then peaks in January or February and runs until as late as May. Across the United States, millions of people experience fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches, fatigue and miserable days spent

Taming a noisy mind — Taking charge of wandering thoughts is key to making the most of day-to-day life 01.14.2016

Don’t think about white bears. Often, when people hear that they can’t resist thinking about white bears. Our minds are unruly like that. Scientists estimate that our minds spin out 50-70,000 thoughts per day. They range from the sublime to the preposterous. Sometimes, I amuse myself by repeating my thoughts out loud for a minute

Quitting and the holidays — Tips and resources for you or a loved one quit smoking 11.16.2015

At Vandal Health Ed, we’re celebrating the Collegiate Smokeout Nov. 19 by encouraging and supporting those who use tobacco to take a one-day stand against tobacco use. While quitting tobacco can be a difficult endeavor, quitting for just one day can set you on the path to a healthier life. After less than 24 hours

Mindfulness is kind —Why self-kindness, kindness to others is an important tool 11.12.2015

As a child, my father worked in road construction and we moved twice each year to follow his jobs. I always seemed to be the new girl earning her way into the playground games. I’d been at a new school about a month at the start of my fourth grade year and was feeling pretty

When labeling does some good — Why emotional awareness is essential to mindful living 10.22.2015

One sunny morning as I turned a corner onto campus, a young man on a skateboard jumped off the curb directly in front of my car. I honked my horn as a warning and hit my brakes to slow the car. My heart was beating wildly, and when our eyes met I expected to see

In response to ‘Cellphone controversy’ 10.22.2015

As a student, I find myself not very sympathetic to Ms. Michael’s position on the issue of cellphone use in class, as mentioned in a story titled “Cellphone controversy” included in the last issue of The Argonaut Oct. 20. It is not at all unusual when someone enters a public gathering indoors to be asked

We’re a stressed out campus — Why students should be more mindful of their stress levels 10.15.2015

What is your stress level? Rate it on a five-point scale with one being no stress, three being average and five being tremendous stress. This is a question from the 2015 National College Health Assessment, a national survey that collects data on thousands of undergraduate students.  They found that campus stress levels are on the

What the health? — Why students should attend the annual Health and Rec Fair 10.12.2015

We have reached that point in the semester where many students, faculty and staff begin to feel the effects of a busy and stressful fall, meaning that there is no better time to focus on health and wellness. As the annual event that highlights health and recreation on campus, the 27th Health and Rec Fair

A note of well wishes to Jack McIver 10.08.2015

I served as Senior Executive to John “Jack” McIver, vice president of Research and Economic Development, after I left the interim University of Idaho presidency in the summer of 2009, and worked with him in my role as College of Natural Resources Dean.

free flu shots for students 09.24.2015

Protect yourself and those around you

Revising student records — Students should have offenses listed on transcript when applying to other schools 09.08.2015

Conversations about sexual assault are never easy to have. Though everyone agrees that we should be doing something to try and end sexual assault, we struggle to move the dialogue much further than that. It is not a problem that only the University of Idaho is facing. It’s a national problem. Every university should be

Chapters of expenses — UI should utilize opensource textbooks to minimize student expenses 09.04.2015

With the first week of classes coming to an end, it’s time for me to buy textbooks. Unlike some of my friends, who show up to class having all of the required materials, I choose to wait. Although the professors at the University of Idaho may claim certain textbooks are required, I like to decide

Get talking, get tested 05.04.2015

Gain knowledge and power by getting tested for STIs Knowing you and your partner’s sexual history is commonly overlooked before committing to having sex. Imagine being in the midst of a new relationship and deciding to take the next big step. Can you guarantee you will not contract an STI? No one can. Yet there’s

Zzzzs get degrees 04.28.2015

The end of the school year is an exciting time. The sun is shining across the Palouse hills, flowers are blooming and summer break is just around the corner. Some of us are wrapping up our first year in college, while others are making the final stride toward the finish line of graduation.

Otter’s veto is nonsensical 04.23.2015

I think the recent veto by Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter reflects a culture of archaic and deep-rooted social misconceptions that exist in Idaho. Otter attempted to halt the Idaho Court systems from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, which has legitimately no legal reasoning besides traditionally conservative rhetoric.

Week of the Young Child 04.16.2015

This week is Week of the Young Child. It is a week dedicated to bringing awareness about the needs of young children and their families, as well as the opportunity to recognize quality early childhood programs that work hard to meet those needs. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) established Week

‘Keep calm and carry on’ 04.13.2015

Maybe you thought you had time between classes to run home and take a nap, since you only got five hours of sleep last night. Then, you realized you had a paper due in your next class, and you haven’t even started it yet. Stress is something all college students deal with, some of us

Fisher, music and medical amnesty 04.06.2015

As someone who has never had a significant interest or passion for politics, I think it says a lot that I find myself invested in this particular ASUI presidential election to write a public statement on the subject. Nate Fisher and Katie Cramer’s bid for president and vice pwresident of ASUI has piqued my interest

Power of the peer 04.06.2015

Creating change on campus When thinking about a peer health education program, you may ask yourself, “What is a peer?” or “Why should the University of Idaho have peer educators?” It is proven that people are more receptive to health information when it comes from a peer, which is anyone you would consider to be

Letter to the editor — ASUI provides important student representation 04.03.2015

I get it. Many people often find frustration with government. Some disagree with certain actions that are taken, others find it hard to see the value of government. I understand many of the concerns and acknowledge that ASUI is not perfect, but Andrew Jenson, in his article from March 30, “No Big Deal,” gave a

Highlight your health 04.02.2015

Campus resources focus on student health At the beginning of the spring semester, it can be easy to make health a priority. New Year’s resolutions, a new semester and starting with a clean slate after the holidays all give people motivation to focus on their health and wellness goals.

Vandal voices 03.30.2015

Q: Unlike past years, students attending Vandal Friday will not be allowed to spend the night in Greek houses or residence halls. Do you think this change will take away from the Vandal Friday experience? Why or why not? What do you remember from attending Vandal Friday?