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The right space

01.22.2015 – 10:09 pm |

Renovations begin on UI law center in Boise 
Renovations are slated to begin on the old Ada County Courthouse this month in preparation for the new Idaho Law and Justice Learning Center — the future home …

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Wagon wheels

01.23.2015 – 12:34 am |

Transformation from run-down barn to art studio

Highway 195 takes travelers past a little white barn with an impressive fence. The fence is made of more than 1,000 old wheels stretched around the property.

This barn is known as Artisans at the Dahmen Barn and is located near Uniontown, Washington. Leslee Miller, barn manager, said Dahmen Barn is a place for people’s creativity to flow unabated and to provide local artists with a place to work, showcase their art and sell their pieces directly to the public. Artists have studios in the barn, there is a little shop featuring several area artists, and they host several classes throughout the year, as well as concerts. Read the full story »

Off the cuff

01.23.2015 – 12:15 am |

March for Life
“We are for the distinct value and worth that are ours on account of Christ. We are for remembering the 55 million lives that have been purposefully ended since abortion was legalized in 1973. And we …

Sports briefs

01.22.2015 – 10:36 pm |

Millet honored by WAC
Idaho’s all-around standout swimmer Rachel Millet earned WAC Player of the Week honors after taking away victories in every event she swam in during Idaho’s win over New Mexico State Saturday. Millet, …

Upcoming albums in 2015

01.22.2015 – 10:35 pm |

 New year means new music  
There’s no denying 2014 was a huge year for music. It saw diverse releases, from artists like Taylor Swift, Run the Jewels, Every Time I Die, Anberlin and more. The …

A bigger community

01.22.2015 – 10:34 pm |

Tragedy reveals the true nature of Moscow
In the wake of a tragedy like the one a week and a half ago, everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to be heard.
Some need to vent to share …

Upset bid comes up short

01.22.2015 – 10:34 pm |

Tough defense, rebounding not enough for Idaho women’s basketball
Despite a season high 20-point performance from junior guard Christina Salvatore, the Vandals fell to North Dakota 68-62 Thursday night.

Road woes be gone

01.22.2015 – 10:32 pm |

Men’s basketball needs to improve road record
It can’t be easy being a student-athlete, especially when the team has to travel. 

Friday Fiction: No greater love

01.22.2015 – 10:31 pm |

He wished he’d died with his wife.
Jonathan curled up in bed and did what he had done almost every night for the past five years — he reminisced about his wife’s death. He sorely missed …

Obama eases college debt

01.22.2015 – 10:23 pm |

President’s proposal presents new possibilities for college students
Over half of campus probably cries at night at the thought of all the debt they will face after graduation. College isn’t always easy, folks, and with the …

The abyss of student debt

01.22.2015 – 10:22 pm |

Student debt forgiveness may not be all it seems
Just mentioning student debt sends a chill down every student’s spine. As many college students try so desperately to forget, debt is a ghost that’s coming for …

American controversy

01.22.2015 – 10:19 pm |

Movies must stop changing history
An Iraqi child’s life is on the line in the opening of “American Sniper.”
The sniper in question is Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, who must decide if the …

Right move for UI law

01.22.2015 – 10:16 pm |

UI’s law program heading in the right direction 
After more than a decade of proposals, planning, discussions, setbacks and more, the University of Idaho Law program will finally have a physical presence of its own in …

Working on wellness

01.22.2015 – 10:13 pm |

Six-week Vandal Fitness Challenge begins Jan. 29
Many people want to incorporate healthier living into their lifestyle, but sometimes lack the motivation to do so. Katherine Pope, ASUI Recreation Board chair, said the annual Vandal Fitness …

The religion of Basque cuisine

01.22.2015 – 10:06 pm |

The staples, styles and richness of Basque cuisine
A warning to all the vegans and vegetarians out there — Basque cooking is probably not for you. If there is one guarantee about cooking and eating Basque …

Police log

01.22.2015 – 9:59 pm |

Tuesday, Jan. 20
2:49 a.m. 500 block South Asbury Street
Police arrested a 34-year-old female for vehicle break-in resulting in more than $1,000 worth of damage. Charged with burglary and felony malicious injury to property.

Modeling Ebola problems

01.22.2015 – 9:55 pm |

Researchers study Ebola issues using computer model
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is an issue that can seem far away from a place like Moscow, but for some University of Idaho researchers, it’s as close …

New look for women’s tennis

01.22.2015 – 9:20 pm |

New coach ready to lead women’s tennis in spring
With a new coach at the helm, the Idaho women’s tennis team is set to begin the spring season Thursday against border rival Washington State.

A book to call their own

01.22.2015 – 8:37 pm |

 Nonprofit to host spaghetti feed for youth literacy
Imagination is an essential part of childhood, and schoolteachers across the county agree creativity can be stimulated by the written word. In Moscow, First Book does its part …

Connecting in court

01.22.2015 – 8:36 pm |

Students act as attorneys, witnesses in UI organization
Arguments are a way of life for members of the Moscow Undergraduate Mock Trial team.
“We’re all about the argument,” said Alyssa Pietz, team spokeswoman. “Our members are …

The One-Minute Idahoan

01.22.2015 – 6:56 pm |

The Internet is teeming with recipes, all claiming to be “easy,” “painless” or “under 10 minutes.”
The problem with most of these recipes is the abundance of cooking they actually involve. I realize for some …

Flush the flu out

01.22.2015 – 6:55 pm |

This detox bath recipe will have you getting over the flu quicker
Let’s face it, everyone is getting sick, but no one has time to skip class and spend the day in bed. Between jobs, planning …

The importance of being Ernest

01.22.2015 – 6:51 pm |

Nearly 100 people gathered to raise awareness for upcoming Hemingway Festival 
People of all ages clustered together at BookPeople of Moscow for a sneak peek into the upcoming Hemingway Festival.

This ain’t Pooh Bear

01.22.2015 – 6:49 pm |

’Paddington’ is cute, but unsubstantial entertainment   
Standing in a long line at the theater, I hoped someone besides me would say, “One for ‘Paddington.’”
Instead, everyone else was buying tickets for “American Sniper” and I, a …

Tribute to the last ‘Lord of the Rings’

01.22.2015 – 6:47 pm |
Tribute to the last ‘Lord of the Rings’

Now that the final Hobbit movie is over, I have gone through the hours and hours of soundtracks from each movie and made a list of my top six songs from “The Lord of the …

Horoscopes 1.23.15

01.22.2015 – 6:43 pm |

Capricorn 12/22-1/19
Love is in the air for you, Capricorn. Reduce your carbon footprint and you might be able to find your love by Valentine’s Day.

Unveiling the Bruce M. Pitman Center

01.21.2015 – 9:42 pm |