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Equal under God — Men and women are equal, have different roles

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Contrary to secular beliefs, Christians believe women are equal. Christians do not base someone’s equality on their social status, whether male or female, unlike secularists such as those in Freethought of Moscow.While Freethought, a University of Idaho student organization dedicated to secularist thought, has a right to express their opinion they do not have the facts straight on Christianity.
Secularists, like those from Freethought, love to point out how sexist and derogatory Christians supposedly are toward women. They point out verses such as 1 Corinthians 14:35 and 1 Timothy 2:12, which speak of not permitting women to “teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
At first glance, this seems incredibly derogatory and sexist toward women. However, another look at scripture proves it is not.
Before continuing, remember Christians believe men and women have different roles in society – according to their natural capabilities.
Look at it this way, we all have our different gifts and abilities in life and use them according to our respected work. If you have a naturally scientific mind, would you not apply that gift to scientific work?
In the same way, men and women have their natural, God-given gifts and abilities that should be used in their respected positions. Only a woman can be a mother, and only a man can be a father.
Therefore, when Paul said women should not speak in church or usurp authority over men, he was referring to the godly role of women in society — this was not an attack against women.
Truly, there is no shame in embracing our natural roles. In fact, doing such serves to the glory of God and humanity. That is the mark of a mature society.
To attack Christians as sexists is both outrageous and childish.
It is especially foolish to do so when Jesus Christ ultimately brought women freedom in our Western culture. A shining example of this comes from Matthew 26, in which Christ uplifted a woman for her faithful gesture of pouring precious ointment on His head. Christ’s disciples wanted Jesus to condemn such “wastefulness” of the ointment, but Christ refused and demanded instead that wherever the Gospel would be preached, her name be remembered as a memorial of her deed.
Note that it did not matter to Christ the sex of the anointer. He saw her for her faithfulness, not for her gender.
Sexist ideas of equality lie in works and outward expression. That is not equality, but only uniformity.
Redistributing roles does not make for an equal society. True equality comes when we embrace God’s gifts to us as men and women.
Andrew Jenson can be reachedat

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  • Stephen says:

    What did Freethought Moscow ever do or say to indicate they “…base someone’s equality on their social status, whether male or female…” ???

  • Jesse Fisker says:

    Totally not sexist. Because women are born with different abilities. Like not being able to teach or usurp men; so saying they can’t isn’t sexist or anything, it’s funny because it’s true!

    Like how blacks weren’t going to heaven back before the Libruls transvaginally ultrasoundedly penetrated our Christian society with their political correctness. Dark folk were born with 3/5 of the ability (averaged between superior strength and inferior mind, making them perfect for God’s role for them in our society, right?), so it’s not racist to say they’re lesser. Same with women folk.

    Andrew, every time I think you reach a new low, you break out a bigger shovel. I hope no one has low enough self-esteem to ever let you lose your virginity.

  • Tyler says:

    Was this intended as satire? This has to be humiliating for most christians to have this be your voice on campus! He seems to be saying “Christians don’t relegate women to gender specific tasks, God does, and Christians follow God.” Brilliant, Andrew, brilliant.

  • Nick Meixler says:

    This is a stupid article its sad the argonaut lets this crap be put in the paper.

  • Casey Kristofferson says:


    I am writing to Andrew Jenson about his most recent article. The point of this email is mostly to clear up some of his points in the writing.

    Andrew, I just noticed that in your article, you seem to generalize your argument against those who you deem are “secularists.” This is an overwhelmingly broad opponent. By the latin definition, secular refers to the term “worldly” or non-religious. Literally anything or anyone not pertaining to or abiding by a religious doctrine is within this scope. For instance, as a graduate of Ecology and Conservation Biology/Evolutionary Biology, I would be considered a “secularist”. However, I have never “outrageously or childishly” attacked Christianity as sexist. Furthermore, the term “christian” is very wide in scope as well. Mormons or Latter-day Saints define themselves under this same framework and have practiced polygamy (a fairly sexist social structure) from the 19th century until our modern times. But let me clarify and say that NOT ALL Mormons are polygamyists, IN FACT there are exceptions and variations within cultures and subcultures. Similarly, not all “secularists” relate sexism to Christianity. The irrationality of your article, first of all stating that you know what the “secular belief” is, is astounding to me. One unified “secular belief” on this topic is nonexistent, narrow your scope. Second of all, if “secularists” by definition don’t abide by religious or theological frameworks, why do you prove your points by quoting passages from the bible?? But seriously, I don’t understand how the phrase ” Paul said women should not speak in church or usurp authority over men” actually pertains to the “godly role of women in society”. If a woman’s social role should reflect her “natural capability” in Christian terms, then your association is wrong. Women do have the natural capability to “speak in church,” therefore your argument in using “natural capabilities” as a justification for the above bible statement is illogical. Please fill me in! You also say that these natural male and female roles serve to the glory of God and humanity and that embracing them is “the mark of a mature society.” The mark of a mature society is allowing, accepting, and appreciating whatever role any single person decides upon and remaining concerned only with the well-being of one’s own life and community. Classifying people by where you think they belong is the root of strife and discord in our society. Furthermore, justifying your claims by quoting a book that has helped institute the most social oppression throughout history seems counter-intuitive.
    Finally, “true equality” does not come “when we embrace god’s gifts to us as men and women,” it comes when we embrace each other, in whatever form we may appear.

    It seems irrelevant to argue over different philosophic frameworks. You and I have distinct criteria for making value-based decisions I’m sure. But just keep in mind that it is in bad form to generalize your audience and that maybe a consultation of other sources would be helpful.

    Your Occasional Reader
    Casey Kristofferson

  • Tyler says:

    “It is especially foolish to do so when Jesus Christ ultimately brought women freedom in our Western culture.” This offends me as a feminist and a human. Jesus Christ did not bring women freedom, women and men fighting hard and willing to die for equality did. Gender roles are not god given, they are social constructs that have been made up mostly by white males. It’s people like you that make up these roles. As a human being I am going to fight for gender equality. I think you could learn a lot more if you opened your eyes past an elementary school view of gender roles.

    • vandals1 says:

      “Social constructs that have been made up mostly by white males?” I did not see any of the social constructs by white males for gender equality on the women of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. I agree one needs to go past their elementary school views of gender roles and plan a field trip to go and see for yourself!

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  • Dee Bee says:

    I wanted to write something, but then I realized that you will probably never read it anyway, and even if you did there’s no hope you would change. There’s not even a possibility that you would change. Not even if God “himself” came down and said, “dude, I don’t exist, STOP bothering me.” You CAN’T change. NONE of you can. You’ll continue to blindly follow the other sheep into the slaughterhouse, and you’ll try to bring as many of us into it with you. There’s so much I want to say, but I give up. You win. Not by any extraordinary insight you might have, nor by any amount of intelligence you seem to exhibit in small doses, but because there is simply no reasoning with those who don’t believe in reason. When the time comes, I know which side I’m on, and so do you. So I respectfully abandon reading anymore of your hateful, ignorant, backward columns, and will simply go to a far better news source and read something better, something more honest and stimulating. There are thousands of people just like you in town, and I have to deal with them EVERYDAY. It’s draining to know that tomorrow I’ll have to deal with even MORE. I can’t wait til the world ends, not because of revelation, but because people who believe in ideas like the ones that you hold dear allow those in power to use their influence to destroy the planet without the help of Satan. And to think how beautiful the world could be, but never will … not as long as I’m alive, anyway. Sigh.

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