Equal under God — Men and women are equal, have different roles

Contrary to secular beliefs, Christians believe women are equal. Christians do not base someone’s equality on their social status, whether male or female, unlike secularists such as those in Freethought of Moscow.While Freethought, a University of Idaho student organization dedicated to secularist thought, has a right to express their opinion they do not have the facts straight on Christianity.
Secularists, like those from Freethought, love to point out how sexist and derogatory Christians supposedly are toward women. They point out verses such as 1 Corinthians 14:35 and 1 Timothy 2:12, which speak of not permitting women to “teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
At first glance, this seems incredibly derogatory and sexist toward women. However, another look at scripture proves it is not.
Before continuing, remember Christians believe men and women have different roles in society – according to their natural capabilities.
Look at it this way, we all have our different gifts and abilities in life and use them according to our respected work. If you have a naturally scientific mind, would you not apply that gift to scientific work?
In the same way, men and women have their natural, God-given gifts and abilities that should be used in their respected positions. Only a woman can be a mother, and only a man can be a father.
Therefore, when Paul said women should not speak in church or usurp authority over men, he was referring to the godly role of women in society — this was not an attack against women.
Truly, there is no shame in embracing our natural roles. In fact, doing such serves to the glory of God and humanity. That is the mark of a mature society.
To attack Christians as sexists is both outrageous and childish.
It is especially foolish to do so when Jesus Christ ultimately brought women freedom in our Western culture. A shining example of this comes from Matthew 26, in which Christ uplifted a woman for her faithful gesture of pouring precious ointment on His head. Christ’s disciples wanted Jesus to condemn such “wastefulness” of the ointment, but Christ refused and demanded instead that wherever the Gospel would be preached, her name be remembered as a memorial of her deed.
Note that it did not matter to Christ the sex of the anointer. He saw her for her faithfulness, not for her gender.
Sexist ideas of equality lie in works and outward expression. That is not equality, but only uniformity.
Redistributing roles does not make for an equal society. True equality comes when we embrace God’s gifts to us as men and women.
Andrew Jenson can be reachedat arg-opinion@uidaho.edu


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