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Growth through consequence

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Sexual immorality should not be encouraged in society

Martin Luther, Christian reformer of the 16th Century, once stated, “(Godless people) pay attention to the punishment and are afraid of it, but they aren’t concerned about their sin.” In essence, fear of punishment or consequences imposes fear of sin.

For example, a little child would not be afraid to steal cookies from a cookie jar, but would fear being caught and punished for taking the cookies.

What would happen if punishments were taken away? Certainly, no good would come of that.

In today’s world, pre-marital sex is the “cookie” we love to steal. We don’t mind activities like pre-marital sex, just as long as it does not end up producing a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease.

We love the pleasure involved, but don’t appreciate the consequences.

So what do we do? We dispose of the consequences and personal responsibility through scapegoats such as abortion, contraceptives and condoms.

We have seen this through many examples, including the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortions legal in the U.S. and increased sex content in movies, television and books — and it is wrong.
Abortion, contraceptives, condoms and similar means of preventing or ending pregnancies and STDs only encourage us to dwell in the sinfulness of free sex.

This is especially true for those in unwed relationships. People in such relationships already prove they are sexually irresponsible by giving in to their lusts before marriage.

Even if they are using contraception like condoms or birth control, are we going to let them continue to avoid responsibility at another level through abortions?

If an unwed couple wishes to be sexually active, then let them also bear the responsibility for such a decision — the men and women in relationships should be ready to become parents. The life of an unborn child is much more important than one’s lusty feelings or emotions.

Couples in such relationships should also prepare for possible STDs. Naturally, I don’t wish to see the spreading of STDs and hope that we can help those who become infected. However, it is better for couples to contract STDs and discontinue any pre-marital sexual relations than it is for them to prevent STDs and continue in such sinful relationships.

There are treatments for such cases after contraction, but we should not be handing couples condoms, vaccines and the like to prevent it. Offering scapegoats removes consequences and fear of sin, and thereby encourages sexual immorality.

According to and, there are approximately 12-15 million new cases of STDs annually in America, more than 60 percent of which occur among people 25 years old and younger – this should be a wakeup call for those who wish to engage in pre-marital sex.

These figures show us that pre-marital sex has consequences, even if “protected.”

Contraception and condoms do not work half as well as abstinence or marriage.

I am not saying we should ban contraceptives or condoms, but hope that we might discourage others from using them – and in doing so show them the path to responsibility and sexual purity. Here’s a hint: the Bible is an excellent source of help in such situations.

Consequences help us to grow and steer away from bad decision-making. We all make bad decisions in our lives, of course, but was it not the consequences for such decisions that helped us avoid repeating those same mistakes?

Naturally, none of us can make decisions for others – nor should we – but let’s refrain from supporting immoral decisions. No one can learn to grow in a consequence-free environment.

Push yourself, and support your friends to take that hand out of the cookie jar. We should encourage abstinence or marriage instead of abortion, condoms or contraception, responsibility instead of scapegoats, and godliness instead of godlessness.

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  • shelly says:

    Beautifully written Andrew! Keep up the good work! Our world would be a much better place if more people had your morals and lived their lives by God’s word and commands.

  • Jesse Fisker says:

    You really need a tattoo across your forehead reading “I get every one of my ideas from a translated, interpreted, and butchered collection of 3,500-year-old common sense” so that we could all just ignore every word that you say and write without having to look for the logic, reasoning, and valid assumptions that are not there. Please and thank you.

    • Cameron says:

      This whole article is very much analogous to the pope trying to convince the people of Africa that AIDS can be better cured by abstinence than by using a condom. Not educational to the issue, nor is it realistic. In fact that example isn’t much different at all than what Andrew is trying to say.

  • Eric says:

    Wow. This was one of the most delusional opinion articles I have ever read. Thank you for your backwards view on society and for attempting to shove Christian fundamentalism down all of our throats.

  • Jami says:

    So…. what your saying is… all married couples want children? and we shouldn’t make other peoples choices for them but we should support them to become sexually pure? and making responsible, though out decisions about having a safe and healthy sex life is just a scapegoat?

    By using contraceptives and condoms a sexually active couple IS taking responsibilities for their actions. They are preventing STDs and a child that neither of them are ready for. They are decided to share a special moment with each other while thinking about the consequences that could happen if they are not careful or safe. That seems pretty grown up to me…

    Also, if you are going to make a God-based argument about abstinence, you might want to consider that not everyone believes in god, or fundamentalist values. How about arguing something that everyone can relate to. Because it basically sounds like if you don’t believe in God then disregard everything and just go buck wild…

    • Jami says:

      you’re**. I apologize for my lack of grammar.

    • geof says:

      Agreed. “Contraception and condoms do not work half as well as abstinence or marriage.” This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. As if contraception is NON EXISTENT after marriage? NO. Married couples can and do get abortions. Not to mention the term “sexually irresponsible”. Is getting married at the age of 18 and then having sex “sexually responsible?” personally I don’t think so. Consider a couple that has been together and in a committed relationship for 10 YEARS but because they’re not married they shouldn’t be able to have sex? Obviously these examples are extreme but what the author needs to realize is that life isn’t so black and white. Not everyone goes from dating to marriage to sex to kids. Often these “steps” are reversed, and that doesn’t make people wrong or irresponsible.

  • Julie says:

    As someone who is not of the Christian faith and who has been taught through my own religious beliefs to accept everyone for who they are and the choices they make, this article disgusts me. TEACHING the consequences of sex (pre-marital or not!) such as STD prevention instead of PREACHING about how it is a sin and shouldn’t be done ever will always do a better job of helping those who may not be educated on this topic. You can’t expect the kid to not steal the cookie when it is very accessible, they have beek told repeatedly not to do so and havent been taught, therefore not knowing the potential consequences…

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m not sure you know what scapegoat means.

  • Jay says:

    This is the most ridiculously backward point of view I’ve read in the Arg. This guy needs a reality check. A huge reality check.

  • Cameron says:

    This whole article is very much analogous to the pope trying to convince the people of Africa that AIDS can be better cured by abstinence than by using a condom. Not educational to the issue, nor is it realistic. In fact that example isn’t much different at all than what Andrew is trying to say.

  • reason says:

    I resent the implication that a child is an “unfortunate consequence” of anything. You obviously don’t understand the meaning of the word scapegoat. Since when does simply being married make you a good parent? I also think you’re probably not getting laid. Just a few thoughts.

  • Erin says:

    Would it be responsible for one to marry at age 18 and have all the sex they want and keep having children they can not afford? What about getting pregnant to fast after giving birth so it may damage the woman’s body, or cause a miscarriage?


    Condoms are a good thing, as is STD treatment.

    Oddly enough, you can be a good moral person (by your standards) and still get an STD from a cheating spouse. Should the non cheater be punished as well?

    To me you don’t sound like a loving or tolerant person. After all isn’t this what Jesus preached?

    Heck he had a friend that was a prostitute and he healed EVERYBODY who came to him, and he didn’t require them to change religions to do this.

    Funny enough Fundamentalist Christians always seem to pick and choose what passages to believe in.

    Oh and I am not a Christian. I also take offense that you feel everyone should adopt your personal moral code.

  • test says:

    I respect the author’s right to their own opinion as protected in the Bill of Rights. However, I feel depressed and a tiny bit angry that people who still hold these beliefs work so hard to force them on everyone else.

    I can only view this ideology as archaic and non-productive in a modern society. I cannot write much else without diverging from “Be nice. Keep it clean. “

  • student says:

    Andrew Jenson does not want to get laid, and we the student body of the University of Idaho are happy to oblige him.

  • bb says:

    This is one of the most backwards disgusting articles I have ever seen published in the arg.
    You are an embarrassment to Christians everywhere, stuff like this is the reason your religion is gaining such a bad name for itself.

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